Hyunbin's First Asia Fan-Meet

by - Sunday, April 28, 2013

To be honest, I wasn't a Hyunbin fan(As in not the die-hard kind that would chase him all over Singapore) until I went to his fan meet today. He's such a sweetheart!! I mean, he's really really sweet to all of his fans and co-workers even though the emcee was being a total bitch by joking a lil too much....

Also, I have to thank Freshkon Singapore for sponsoring me a pair of tickets to the fan meet, allowing me to bring along one friend with me. Dam nice of them right!! So I brought along the boyfriend no.2 huixinhuixin, XD

I actually thought I'd be like super late because it's a 1 hr 30mins trip from my place to EXPO, and I left house at like 5PM.... But to my surprise, I actually arrived on time at 6PM to meet Huixin!

We joined the queue immediately after collecting the tickets from Freshkon management, not knowing that the show will only start an hour later... So we were like starving throughout the whole showcase. Thank goodness Hyunbin suppressed our hunger by that little bit, hahahaha.

More photos after getting to our seats!

I think we were the first few to enter the hall. It was totally empty and Hyunbin's Secret Garden theme song, That Man was on repeat. Repeated so many times I could totally remember the lyrics of the song already. Should had went to grab some food first before getting to our seats, :(

Keep sneaking a picture when she's busy Instagraming, X'D


Apologies about the photo quality. The lightings weren't too friendly to my iPhone cam, T_T..
Anyway, at about 7:45PM, HYUNBIN FINALLY CAME OUT! Singing us that song that's on repeat.... hehehe.

HE IS SO OMGASDZXCZXC GORGEOUS, HANDSOME, ADORABLE, AND EVERYTHING NICE. It's like he really walked out from the big screen, looking exactly the same. Exactly gorgeous, and shining..... Banja banja~~~

I know you can't really see him, hahahaha! I did video though. He sound dam good la! It's as if it was playing straight from the CD except that you could hear him breathing clearly. How can anybody look so good and sing and act so well at the same time?! Please watch Secret Garden if you haven't.

Anyway... Photography wasn't allowed. Except for our phones, we didn't have any other cameras with us. So I ended up videoing his performance instead of taking pictures, hehe. And by the end of the showcase, my phone was already 95% dead.

Also, Hyunbin has a really annoying translator with him, that keeps on trying to get so close to him. So annoying me and Huixin were like, "WHO'S THAT GIRL WITH HIM, GETTING SO CLOSE." It's just his translator.... really.

Annoyingly close, that lucky woman. X'D

Ignoring her existence, the whole showcase was rather good! He was really sweet to his fans! Fulfilling their requests, taking pictures with them and stuff. The last segment was letting the fans ask Hyunbin a question or grant them a wish, but 9 out of 10 asked for a wish la. Who would be so stupid as to ask a question when you could make Hyunbin do something for you? XD

So most of them asked for a selca with him. Im surprise nobody requested him to do a gwiyomi. I would definitely make him do it if I was chosen, LOL. Too bad we were sitting too far back and he didn't walk over to our area. :(

But it's okay.. Hyunbin said he was very disappointed that he didn't get to see the fans sitting at the back because he couldn't walk over. He still cares... Aww.

Okay, sorry, fangirl mode. I'll probably forget all about these like by tomorrow. So I'm blogging everything I can remember now, haha!!

A pity we didn't get to see his dance segment due to technical fault. I swear he got pissed for a moment there. He wanted to perform for us again, but then the light suit just wouldn't light up. Despite being frustrated with the costume, he still smiled and continued the show so professionally. *Melts*

And I realized he likes to pout!! His adorable side is too much. *Double melts*

It was overall a great experience because it was my first time attending this kind of fan-meet. And I get to see a different side of Hyunbin apart from who he is on screen. And it's his first comeback after completing his military service in Korea, so I am really really thankful and lucky that Freshkon Singapore sponsored me the tickets to his very first asia fan meeting tour in Singapore!

He ended the show with Marry You and throwing random balls with his autograph on. DAM SWEET LA!! Why I sit so far, really. :(

Hyunbin said he'll be back really soon. Someone please give me a premium seat ticket this time.... Hahaha, joking!
Today was fun! Now I can't wait to see FT Island in July. Hehehe...

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