Clint's 20th.

by - Monday, April 22, 2013

Had a mini gathering with the CNOS contestant last Saturday to celebrate bby's 20th birthday! We agreed to potluck so everyone cooked a mini dish and brought over to Marina Barrage that day. I swear it was super warm, but thank god the weather was good. And the wind was good too! Had fun flying kite with Clint, hehe.

Just the bloggers doing their usual thang. Photos before everything!

Potato Salad by the birthday boy! @Clintonlonsie

Crepe by Angie! @myapplepie

Coca-cola wings by Don! @donnlicious

Awesome egg mayo sandwiches by Tehpeng! @UncleTehPeng

And Korean Rice Cake by Pammie! @hyejinxxx

And Xueling bought us cupcakes, hehe.

Lava cakes from Smoulders!

Had no make up that day, so I didn't take much pictures, haha. But a couple with Natalie and Jasmine! Oh! And we filmed a group gwiyomi that day too!

Anyway, don't mind my lack of updates these days. I've been really busy and sick for the past few weeks and I can barely breathe now. Even though they call it holidays, it's actually my project week. I'm supposed to work on my submission and assessment in 2 weeks time. So my brain is kind of dead right now, because I can't seem to piece everything together. And tbh, I doubt I'm making any sense in my post right now too.

Hahaha, I guess I better stop here for today just in case I blabber even more no link stuff. Heard some of you had resumed lesson! Have a great term ahead! It's a brand new school term! Have funnnnn, you all!

Ah, and a photo from the other day when I did a shoot with Noriaki-san for STREET ANGELS SINGAPORE.

I looooveee this picture, hehe. Though I fed myself to a swamp of mosquitoes....

That's all for now, fellas!

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