Stay home, Friday

by - Friday, April 12, 2013

I love Fridays! Not only because it's the start of weekend, it's also because I have no school on Fridays!! I could sleep in as late as I want and take a break from the horrendously hectic week. As they all say, good times always pass really fast. So instead of really sleeping in and rot my Friday away, I'm doing something rather productive... Or not..

Whipped up a cup of Hot Chocolate because I suddenly had this crazy crave for chocolate after reading a couple of awfully awesome reviews on Cocoa.b and I couldn't find any chocolate in my fridge. You see.. I'm a crazy fan of chocolates, and once I have craving for it, I would go extreme measures just to get it.. So I decided to make use of the Van Houten cocoa powder that's been resting in my fridge for quite some time now, before it expires!

Actually hot chocolate is really easy to make! You'll just need...

Cocoa Powder

Easy right?! Only this three ingredient! And no, you don't need sugar because the marshmallows would melt and make the hot choco really really sweet! Unless you didn't add enough marshies, or your water isn't hot enough to melt it, or you're using those really bitter dark chocolate powder. But that's how hot choco should be isn't it?

Ready up your ingredients and boil some water!

Add 2 spoonful of chocolate powder,

Fill half of your cup with the boiling water,

And stir! Make sure your cocoa powder are well mixed.

And then you fill your cup with fresh milk and stir again!
For me, I didn't boil my milk before I add into the chocolate mix because I didn't want it to be too hot. And I'm already craving for chocolate like mad, you want me to wait for it to cool down before I can taste it?! That's the most horrible feeling you can ever face, I swear. The so near yet so far feel. *Inserts omg emoji*

Lastly, top it up with marshmallow! If your water is hot enough, the marshmallow would melt and it will make the hot choco taste superb awesome! With that slight roasted chocolate marshmallow taste.

Hot Choco, all ready! Even Puss in Boots loves it.
br> With a hot cup of hot chocolate accompanying me while I blog and watch my anime. My Friday is too good to be true.. My life is now complete. *Sheds tears of joy*

Anyway, please don't hate on me or tell me how my recipe is wrong, photo quality suck or whatnot.. Because I don't have a camera, I'm using my iPhone's and this is my personal recipe that I discovered a really long time ago when I was a kid, bored at home. As a kid, I don't really have any play mates and I'm always alone at home, so I like to dig the fridge and use the ingredients I see to create my own "dish" kind of thing, HAHAHA. You can pretty much guess how many times I visited the doctor because of diarrhea.

Hope you'll enjoy making your own Hot Cocoa after reading my post! Sounding as if I really have a lot people reading my blog like that..... #fail

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