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Haven't seen my face for quite some time now, eh?! No, you won't be seeing a full post of my face today, hahaha.
2 weeks ago, during CNOS2 finals, we were required to makeover ourselves with accessories from beadstreet for our last challenge!
So the management gave us $10 beadstreet voucher each to go and shop for accessories that would WOW the audiences with our looks. Thank you Beadstreet a million for sponsoring the competition! I've been your regular customer ever since this whole competition started! XD

Wondering what can you do with $10 at Beadstreet? Here's what.

With accessories priced as low as $0.90, you can buy up to 10 items from Beadstreet! Imagine how many looks you can vamp yourself into! And they have so many varieties and colors!! Yay, I love colorful stuff!

Bracelets at only $2.90!

Long necklaces!

Geek specs @ $5.00!

Phone cases as low as $2.00 only, *whaisocheapomg*

Variety of earrings.....

Ear studs!

Look at the crowd! Don't be surprised if you happen to see a shop full of human when you visit Beadstreet. I dare swear they have the best prices in town! See how popular is this store now?!
I wish I could buy the whole shop down because their accessories are so pretty and colourful, I love colours, x), but I can't. I have with me... $10 only. 8(
But I'll show you what I can get, with that $10! Hehehehe

Because I was wearing a lilac retro dress that day, I thought I should probably hype it up by going 60s, as suggested by Amanda. So I bought a lot of colourful accessories to go with it!

Couldn't remember the price for this, T_T

2 pairs of earrings @ $0.90 each!

$2.90 lilac bracelet. After deducting all these, I still have about $4 to spend! *whaisocheapomgagain*
So I bought 2 more ear accessories!

Big ring earrings.

Skull hooked on ear accessory.

Look at the detail!

All in all, I bought a total of 6 items with only $10! And those 6 items goes well with any kind of clothing! Beadstreet has so many add-ons to chose from to help spice up your clothing. I don't see why are you not visiting them yet. Their items are all while stock lasts. So if you wanna get anything, don't wait anymore!! Head down to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Level 2, Beadstreet and shop away! :D

Apologies for horrible photo quality. My room has orange light, and it makes photos look ultra pixelated. Le sigh... It's time I visit IKEA for some white lights.
That's all for today!


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