It's over!

by - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

*Pops champagne!*

Yayyyyyy! SA is over! No more sleepless night until maybe 2 months later. This time wasn't as bad as the previous. Probably because I got lazy and kind of skipped a few chapter's assignment. But I calculated my percentage! I hope that few pieces of drawing wouldn't make me fail. :X

To be honest, I'm actually rather surprised at myself. I didn't actually expect me to finish up everything by the due time. I don't deny that I practically slacked through the whole term, and skipped school 70% of the time. Also neglected my work so much that I have to do 100% of everything because I practically have none. So I started working on my drawings on Saturday afternoon, for a good whole 15 hours, drawing, shading, sketching, researching and whatnot &then went to bed and have a good night sleep until 11AM, Sunday. Woke up, showered, touch up a lil of my drawings and yadah, then I headed out to Artfriend with Clint to grab some materials for my 2D.

We reached Clint's place at about 6PM, and that's when I actually started to work on my 2D assignments. To my surprise, I actually finished it up by 2AM. BUT, I did not sleep. Because I still have a whole lot of research and updating of sketchbooks to do. So I rushed through everything and thought I could finally take a short nap when I realise it was already 6AM. Submission time was 8AM, so I self-comforted that today would be the last(probably not) time I'm gonna hug buddha's leg, so bear with it! The day shall pass reallll fastttt! I went to shower and then I'm on my way to school.

But that wasn't the point.

After my long hardworking granny story, I shall tell you my zombie adventure today. Packed my stuff, headed to school, set up my presentation table and then get stranded in Orchard. *We could only collect back our stuff at 3PM.* Note: I did not sleep since 11AM.

I was like a zombie. Looking super pale and half-dead, I went to look for a couple of classmate for a light breakfast of egg and toast.(It was only 9:30AM then.) Rot for a while until they went for a movie date, and I got stranded again. So I headed over to Jrunway with hopes that I could see a couple of friends there working.. Maybe my time would pass faster. (11AM now.)

And YES! Erni and Emily are working!

So I thought since I have totally nothing to do, I could try out some clothing there. Been working there for so long now, but all I did was to look at the clothes and never once got the chance to try them on. So Emily kind of got really eggcited and took a couple of dresses for me and start dolling me up.

Frankly speaking, I actually love all the dresses there! They are soooooooo pretty! But it's still kinda out of my budget despite they already have numerous discount ranging from 30% ~ 70%. But! I think I might consider the black & white striped top, hehe.

Pardon the letharg face. Haven't sleep still got the mood to shopping. I should had gone home to take a snooze and go back to school at 3PM right?! Anyway, I love this top a lot! Since my pay is coming in, I think I'm getting it. Think. Hahahahahaha!

So many pretty dresses, which one do you like best? Aiyah, just head over to Jrunway @ Plaza Singapura and try out la! They have friendly staffs, and are really willing to find pretty clothes in the store that suits you for you!

Half way through, Clint told me he's going over to Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, so I headed over to look for him and Joe for lunch! He did some filming that day for CNOS2 hehe. Yep, we both got shortlisted! 8D

Reon came over to look for us shortly after. And then I joined them for lunch at A.venue Bistro! Didn't want to eat actually.. Because I was feeling so tired, I have no appetite at all. But the menu looked so tempting I couldn't resist! Didn't take much picture because my phone died shortly after I took picture of their pasta. :(

Looks delicious right? I know, I know. I'm feeling really hungry right now too. A.venue Bistro is having a lunch promo right now! 1-for-1 Pasta of the equal value or lower when you buy a pasta of your choice! So I ordered Chicken Ham and Mushroom Alfredo because I love cheesy and creamy stuff, hehehe. (I know I said that I was sicked of it. But the craving is back, and it looked and sounded too delicious to resist!)

Their 1-for-1 Pasta timing:
Monday - Thursday
1PM - 4PM

Actual Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
Friday and Saturday: 11:00AM - 02:00AM

Okay la, shall stop tempting you all. Even though it's only 1 picture, but it's enough to make you guys go nom on something, HAHA. I am, too, very very hungry now. It's like 4:15AM, and I havent had my dinner. After lunching with the guys, Clint went back to work, Reon and Joe walked me back to school to collect my stuff, and then nice enough cabbed me home, I simply just showered and K.O-ed on my bed with my wet hair until now. I'm like suuuuuuuper hungry, and there's nothing to eat at home. Not even cup noodles. Can't get back to bed, because I am hungry. And I have filming with Chloè later in the afternoon! How, omg how?!

I think I'll make a trip to the 7-11 and grab some quickbites. Unhealthy, but it's niceeeee! Hahaha! Alrighty, that's all for today. Update real soon. PLEASE MISS ME.

Reon sneaked a picture of me when I was in the library waiting for collection.
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