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Hi sugars. I've been staring blankly into the space trying to make myself sleep for close to 2 hours now, but to no avail. It's the first time I've ever experience what it is said to be the "thinking bed time". Ya, so you just lay down there, and let your imagination run wild. And it'll probably get out of the world when you think for too long of a time.

Anyway.. Why am I so emotional today, you ask? Sigh.. My MacBook just died on me. Blame me for being cheapo. I actually connect my iPhone to my MacBook using a unoriginal USB cable. The moment i plug it into my MacBook, my screen just turned pitch black, and next thing I know, it starts to heat up and I couldn't turn it on anymore. Initially I thought it was overheating, but upon googling and asking around, I've found out its actually that MIC(Made In China) cable that murdered my MacBook Pro.

And so I panicked, I carried my baby and stood in front of the fan, hoping it'll cool soon enough and start kicking again, but it didn't. So I tried feeding it some electricity, I've got some signal. It started blinking orange light and faded off. HEARTBEAT SUPER FRAIL. On the verge of tears, I ran to daddy and got him to fetch me down to 313 immediately since they're heading out for dinner.

Upon reaching A&E, I was super lucky I didn't have to wait. So the apple doctor tried feeding it some electricity to check it's heart beat, it was still responding, thank god. Then she attempted forced revival by holding onto some random keys on the keyboard.... it didn't respond. My baby is in DEEP COMA.

So she said it has to be hospitalized for 4 days to see if its fine. And it is currently in ICU right now. Probably some minor matters, but if you don't treat minor injuries, it'll only turn into major one in the near future. So I'm like a forever alone mommy now, without her precious MacBook baby. Okay, okay, I am obviously exaggerating. But I'll die of boredom!! :(

Le sigh. Enough of whining and grieving over my vegetable MacBook now..

So I ended up joining my parents for dinner at 313. At this kumpung store who's name I didn't catch because I was too depressed. But I didn't forget to take picture okay! A bit sinful, but they have awesome kumpung days food!

Curry Chicken Rice Set!

Hainamese Chicken Rice Balls!

Nomilicious Popiah....!

Traditional Prawn Noodles!

And.... Chendol!

Damn, I really miss the prawn noodles I used to eat every Wednesday back in my ITE days. The food there wasn't too bad. I really love the curry chicken, and chendol! They are like the best combination, hahaha!

And the other day, I was really depressed as well because the place I worked in actually cheated me of my pay. I had actually calculated probably at least $500 worth of hours, but then I was only paid 60% of what I am supposed to get. I know I should go ask and stuff la, but to be honest, I really don't want to have anything to do with people in that store anymore... So.. Call me stupid, I'm really gonna just suck it up. :/

And to make myself happier..... Free flow sashimi buffet at Parkmall's Sakae!

LOOKS AWFULLY TEMPTING RIGHT!! Omg. By just staring at this picture, I'm getting seriously famished. I am so gonna head there again soon. Cheaper on weekdays, xD

Also, remember the $0.10 Meatballs from IKEA? I totally unleashed the aunty in me and headed there to buy tupperware and packed 70 meatballs back home for Clint and his sisters. HAHAHA.

$7.00 ONLY!! Can you believe this?! I know they are probably gonna expire so they faster put on promo to sell it off or whatnot, but idc! I love IKEA's MEATBALLS! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

But to be honest, I am actually super sick of meatballs and salmon now after eating so many of it at one go.. But when you're hungry, and you're looking at these pictures, the craving just comes flying back. Oh my god.

A good photographer always takes the best picture of what they love okay! Hahahahaha! I'm sorry if I made you hungry at this timing. But if you're free tomorrow, why not plan a meatball/salmon date with your special someone?
Then you can eat until you're so sick of it, you wouldn't want to touch these two food anymore for the next few months, LOL.

Alrighty. Ending here today! I hope you're not hungry nao. If you are, go grab a bite! Good night!

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