Sudio Tolv Review

by - Thursday, May 16, 2019

Was gifted with a pair of Sudio Wireless Bluetooth earpiece some time back for review and I must say I couldn't have loved it more. What I usually look for in earphones is the sound quality, comfort and then the aesthetics. I must be lying if aesthetics doesn't matter. I once spent 60 euros just on a Swarovski ear phone jacket for my iPhone 4S earpiece, HAHAHHAHAHA #iwasmad

Introducing the successor of Sudio Nivå Bluetooth Headphones, Sudio Tolv!

Hone as the True Wireless Headphones, the Sudio Tolv is a major upgrade from it's predecessor. It now hold 7 hours battery life, as well as 4 extra charges up to 35 hours standby life on it's portable charging case for your earbuds. So you don't have to worry about it's battery life anymore because it can actually last a reeeeally long time.

Tolv also features a new graphene driver this time round, giving you top notch and clear sound quality at all times. This I'd really have to commend. Tolv is amazing for an entry level earphones! Of course, if you are an audiophile looking for professional earpiece that allows you to pick out slight change of tune in your instruments, this isn't for you.

Pairing of the earphones is also now so much less of a hassle because it automatically pairs with your phone! No more holding of buttons or whatsoever and waiting for it to search and pair.

One major upgrade from their predecessor that I really love about Tolv is how it no longer just play the audio on one side of the earphone when I am using mic anymore. Because they now have microphones on both sides of the earbuds! It felt so weird having just one on the Sudio Nivå. Now I can hear my friends loud and clear while playing ml, hahahahahah.

Like the Sudio Nivå, Sudio Tolv features a single multipurpose button on each earbud to control your music and phone calls. Because it’s a single button, there are quite a bit of secret tapping going on. The controls may take quite a bit of getting used to.

Single Tap: Play/Pause
Double Tap Left: Previous Track
Double Tap Right: Next Track
Triple Tap Left: Reduce Volume
Triple Tap Right: Increase Volume

The Sudio Tolv has a redesigned portable charging case with matte rubber finishing. Comes in 5 different colors, these babies are deffo a die for.

With all these new upgrades in sight, Sudio Tolv is definitely living up to its name of being the True Wireless Headphones. You can purchase the latest Sudio Tolv here at their website and enjoy free shipping worldwide for your purchase!

Sudio also has Summer Promotion going on right now:
Free Sudio tote bag with every earphones/headphones purchase on from 2 May - 31 July!

Additionally, you can also get 15% off your purchase using this code: viviantianTolv

Hurry up, because stocks are clearing fast!

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