by - Saturday, March 02, 2013

Taking some time out from art and drama to update my dearest blog.

Yet again, hugging buddha leg at the very last minute. Monday is the big day! Like last October. We have to pack up all of our final product collected for the this whole semester and present on the table like some high class cuisine and then get graded. To be honest, I find it rather stupid to be preparing so many things just for a 5 mins or less presentation. Because we don't actually have to hand it up. We just have to bring it over to school, put it on the table, and then collect them back a few hours later. The school isn't gonna keep our work, neither do we have to use those final work anymore in the future. What a waste of time and money.. But on the positive side, we gain experience from all these prep work and whatnot. Win-win situation, I guess?

A couple of "bad" news. (1) I've finally quitted my job, and turned myself into a full-time artschool geek. (2) There goes my monthly income. What's worse, I barely even work for 2 months and I'm already out of the team. And again, on the positive side... I won't risk failing my semester and retaining right?

My last day of work. Also my first and last photo taken at Jrunway. You can't carry your phone with you while working retail, so I don't have any chance to camwhore until my very last day of work. How depressing.

Now, let's look at something happyyyyyy. Hehehehe

Headed to SEA Aquarium with Clint the other day to celebrate our 1st anniversary. How fast!! It's been a year already! Okay okay, I'll update about this soon enough, I promise! I'm totally mesmerised by this Manta Ray. Isn't it a beauty?! I swear I could be a mermaid my whole life if they are who I'll be living with. I love being surrounded by beautiful people, gahahahaha.

On a side note, I think I'll probably get eaten by sharks(Jaws) or piranhas(Piranha) if the movies were reality. So.. maybe not.

Okay, it's getting really late now! I'm supposed to spare only 30 minutes on this blog post, but it seems like I've taken 40 now. Time to catch some sleep, and wake up in a bit to spare my drawing materials some attention. I have soooo much more to rush! I sincerely hope I don't fail and retake this semester again. It's a total horror.

Good night, you earth peeps!

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