by - Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello people! As the title says... I'm gonna do a mini giveaway! Because I've been sick for the past one week and I am still recovering, I can't use my BFF and Frolick vouchers at all. And my BFF voucher is gonna expire at the end of this month! Instead of wasting the vouchers.... I've decided to do a giveaway to 3 luck readers! Hehehe.

A mini introduction to BFF just in case you don't know what I'm referring to!

BFF a.k.a Best Fries Forever sells basically Fries with their unique BFF Sauces. And I swear it's superb delicious. It's like my daily dose every time I visit Cineleisure. I shall let the pictures do the talking...! xD

Photos grabbed from BFF website!

Also, I'll be giving away 2 Frolick A CUP Voucher which entitles you to a A CUP size Froyo. Hehe. Okayokay, I shall stop blabbering. Now, how to win!? That's the questionnnn!

You'll just have to follow me on Twitter and RT the giveaway's tweet!
Tweet: "I want to win BFF/Frolick voucher! @Veeviisme #Veeviisme" And then I'll draw out the winner from the RTs and hashtags!
Another thing, PRIVATE ACCOUNTS PLEASE DO UNPRIVATE! Or else I won't be able to see your tweets!
Also, the more you tweet, the higher chance to win!

Because the vouchers are expiring REALLY REALLY soon, so the giveaway will end this coming Wednesday night 27th March 2013, 11:59PM, so I could mail out the vouchers before the 29th March!!

Quick! Time is ticking!

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Any questions, you can always mail to: veeviisme@live.com :D