Good bye CNOS2

by - Saturday, April 06, 2013

It's been a week since the end of CNOS. Congratulations to all the winners and contestants! No more meeting of deadlines, rushing out vlogs and blog posts, and filming. It was after all a really fun experience despite the politics and dramas going on. I guess it's just impossible for everyone in a 25 people competition to actually clique and be understanding towards each other. But nonetheless, I'm glad among the 25 of us, 20 of us are really close and good buddies now.

I've also removed all of my CNOS videos because I find it really horrendous. It's really not up to standard and obviously not the kind of thing I'll produce for submission... but due to lack of manpower and time.. I'll have to make do with it, throw away my pride and ask people to vote for such lousy videos. Thank goodness voting system was waived off by the second challenge.

On a side note, I've received really nice comments from fellow contestants despite my videos being really horrible and mundane. It really makes me happy because they are all so supportive and not competitive at all! I really hate competition, but I never fail to participate in one just to make my life more exciting and colorful, lol drama queen.

Dinner sponsored by Seoul Garden Hotpot after the finals!

The appetizers.

My favourite calms!

Pickled vege!


I ordered a beef bimbibap!

And now, MIX THEM UP!

The dinner totally hit the spot. Because I've been walking around for the whole day preparing for the finals and didn't get to eat anything at all. Thank you Seoul Garden so much for the awesome dinner and premises! Sorry we occupied the whole restaurant that night, hahaha! It was a nice after party for all of the CNOS2 contestants! I love it there, and I never fail to crave for beef bimbibap every time I look at my pictures.. ._. Think I better head down to our second home for lunch or so soon.

I've really enjoyed myself throughout the whole competition, and I am really really happy to get to know all of you people!
Pamela, Angela, Noelle, Don, Angie, Huixin, Shenny, Tiffany.Y, Tiffany.W, Tehpeng, Jourdain, Jasmine, Jojo, Jong, Amanda, Ziwei, Xueling, Eugenia!
You people are an awesome bunch! I hope we don't break apart just because this competition has ended. Keep in touch, and hang out soon!

Bid good bye to hectic schedules, and intensive blogging. Right now I'm a full time geek rushing for my final years. I'll probably be filming a lot of vlogs if I ever pass this semester. So stay tune you all! I'll keep you guys updated, hehe.

Toodles for now!

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