Stay, or to leave?

by - Monday, February 18, 2013

How horrible. It started raining the moment I stepped out of my school. And I'm like having terrible headaches right now. Talk about efficiency? The rain does it better than anyone else. :(

But it's okay. I have shelter home all the way from the bus stop, woohoo!

It's time of the school term again. I have like a whole load of work to rush and complete by the 4th of March because it's my assessment day. And I am no longer jobless, so I barely have anytime for school at all. The schedule just sinked me into contemplating if I should quit my job to study, or drop out to work. Anybody with a right mind would obviously object the latter right? But can you understand a college student's woe? Being cashless is equivalent to being soul-less! Which is like asking me to rot at home because I am too poor to go out. :(

So right now I am still seeking a balance between the two before really making up my mind about where to leave.

Please don't tell me to quit my job because I can always earn money after I graduate. I still have like 2 years to go, and who's gonna feed me in this 2 years?! And what if I retain (touchwood)!?

I remembered I came back to Singapore with a rather fat and filled wallet, but it turned into a skinny, dried-up leather with totally nothing left within 1 week, and I have totally no idea what did I spend on because all I did for that week after I'm back from Taiwan was, attend school, lunch at kopitiam, bus home after that. Like the usual? And it had actually ate away 200+ bux from me. Can you imagine just how expensive it is to be living in Singapore without income? It's probably cheap to you if you have a stable income coming in every month. Thus why, I got a job.

Another reason why I'm contemplating dropping out was because after coming back from Taiwan, I've learn that we, as human/girls/women, should totally love ourselves more. The joy of traveling alone and shopping without limits at a country of your dream is beyond description. So why should I trap myself in Singapore to study things I'm totally not interested in?

Because I need that damned cert to secure myself a stable job in the future(Probably 5 years later).

But I'll be like so freaking old by then lah!! I think I'll probably come to an enlightenment by the end of this post.

Parents always think that girls should just grow up, find a rich husband and then just marry off. NO.
We should be independent enough to earn our own cash! I mean like, you want to be tied down to become a typical housewife meh....? No right!

So we got to earn enough to,
Have a hair fix once a month.
Get enough make up to make ourselves pretty.
Feed our stomach at some kind of posh restaurant every day.
Shopping spree at least once a week.
Travel to 4 countries a year.
Make our loved ones happy!

Just the thought of it makes me feel happy. But back to reality, I know I'm nowhere near there yet. So should I give up studies to earn myself more ching ching, so that I don't have to worry about paying for my daily meals and transport at least? Sigh, I guess better not. What can $7/hr bring me? Its only enough to lead an average life while living with my parents. I can never be able to save up enough to buy a car or whatnot from doing retail! So... I guess I better be a good girl and graduate first. Good life shall wait a couple more years!

I hope I don't give up too soon, xD

Are my fonts too small and hard to read? I'm thinking of bringing them up 1 size larger! Hmm....

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