Stay home weekday

by - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It was supposed to be a stay-home Tuesday AND Wednesday because class was canceled. I could had actually stayed at home to rush some of my schoolwork instead of heading down to work. But it's good because I've finally made up my mind to drop the job. Though the store has really nice people... I'm really reluctant to leave... T_T

But studies comes first isn't it! A friend told me, it's better that I finish my studies first, than to juggle both side at the same time and fail my exams. I'll end up retaining for another year, which is like a total waste of time. Upon numerous and thorough thinking through, I've decided to leave my job and be a good girl.

On the other hand, I've come to realise that I have only 1 week left to the big submission. And my progress for my school work is no less than 0%. Okay maybe I have my drafts all done. But I havent even started on my final outcome! Considering my situation, I am more or less half way to failing. Which also means I'm gonna have yet another no-sleep-food-drink-for-a-week kind of life again. Fml..

Camwhore a little last night!

This is probably the first time I'm posting so many photos of myself in a shot, LOL. Anyway, introducing my furry son up there in the photo with me, CLIFFFYYYYYY. Clint gave him that name because he thought it was cool. And it starts with C, and rhymes with Clint!

Oh ya! Have you realised? I changed the font for my blog post! My previous one was too tiny, and I think this font is easier to read as compared to tiny eye squinting font that I was using previously.
Also, I'm thinking of recording a couple of covers. I've been saying that for a really long time now, so I'll probably do it like.. in May? When my holidays start! Woohoooooo! Holiday is good!

Alright, I'm heading out for work soon, gotta go prepare now! Update on my Taiwan trip is on pending! So stay anticipated, and thank you for reading! Another one of my face.


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