Cineleisure Next Online Sensation!

by - Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hey guys! Yes, yes, I'll be participating in this year's CNOS v2.0!
In case you haven't heard... Cineleisure is back to search for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation! I'm feeling rather eggcited and nervous at the same time. Because I heard that there's gonna be a lot of vlog-ing this time, and I am very rolling camera shy. What irony.. Cuz I'm actually a film student, LOL.

The short vid I did for submission!

Pardon the audio if it gets too loud at some point.. I tried editing to the best I could, :(

Anyway, the store(Softie in my Lolly) that I had mentioned in my video is located at the first storey, near the lift!

They actually sell liquorice in small tubes at $4.90 each with 5 different flavours and you can chose the sticker you want for your gift box! What do I mean by 5 different flavours is that, you could chose 5 flavours of your choice from those that they have, and then they would cut them into small pieces and put them into the tube like this!

Gift stickers!

They also have a really wide range of flavours, I'm totally spoilt for choice! Sour, sweet, or the traditional liquorice, they have it all! My personal favourite flavours are the Sour Watermelon and Sweet Vanilla Strawberry! The watermelon one tastes like the watermelon bubble gum that I used to bug my parents to buy whenever I visit Malaysia in the past when I was a kid. Just that this one is edible! It is coated with sour sugar, and sweet on the inside with a really strong watermelon taste!

As for the Sweet Vanilla Strawberry flavour, like what it's name depicts, it's sweet vanilla with strawberry filling. People who loves strawberry milk would love this one! And I really like this one a lot! I would always request for more of this whenever I order a tube of it!

To fill you in a little bit more about this candy.. After filming my video, I decided to go and google search about what is this long thing called. I had always thought it's a unique Singapore-founded candy called long thing before I actually knew the name for it.... *Omg, super bimbotic moment...*
So... It is actually an unique European candy called, liquorice. It comes in a lot of different flavours, and they're really eye-catching because of their colors! Visit the store @ Cineleisure and you'll see why.

I've been a fan of Softie in my Lolly ever since they started out in 2009 at Vivo City. So when I heard that they had opened a store in Cine, I was ecstatic! It's more convenient for me to get my favourite candy now! SIML also has their own unique terms for ordering.
Like, long thing and threesome. I think it's really cool because this kind of terms usually leaves deep impression, isn't it? Haha!

A couple of mouth-watering photos to kickstart your taste buds... 8D

Sour Watermelon!

Sweet Vanilla Strawberry!

Sour Bubblegum!

Sour Rainbow!

I swear it's a must-try. You probably couldn't imagine how it taste like through the pictures, so just head down to Cineleisure now, and try it! They give free tries to their patrons! So just pop by and approach their friendly staff if you want a taste test! Now that makes my mouth watery. Guess I'm gonna head down tomorrow to get myself another tube of it.

See you guys at Cineleisure! Xoxo.

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