2013 Prologue

by - Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I realize I stopped blogging ever since school started. I mean, okay... School only started 2 days ago.... And my last post was only 3 days back... But it didn't took me long to realize how mundane life is right now. Franky speaking, I couldn't even remember what I did for the past two days because it was honestly too boring to be registered in my brain. And that 2 days felt as if it was TWO YEARS, oh god.

A pretty bad kick start for 2013. I have already a mountain lot of work piled up in that working corner of mine, and most of them are due within three weeks. I AM SUPER LAZY TO EVEN START ON THEM! Someone, please just kill me.

Anyway, a mountain lot of work may not exactly be a bad thing. Apart from school work, I've actually got quite a few random assignments approaching me from elsewhere. I can't disclose anything now, but I hope everything would turn out fine and awesome, so that I could share it with you guys(Not expecting too many readers because I ain't even popular, lol.)! And I honestly hope it's interesting enough, ^^"

Swensens just now! Fringe so bad, I got to press it down or else it'll pop up like a mushroom.

Something I like to do when I eat cherries. Try tying a knot using your tongue/mouth and nothing else!

Alrighty, update again soon!

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