Clinique's 3-Step Skincare Regime

by - Monday, July 13, 2015

The weather had been really bad lately, and it is causing my skin to have outbreak all over the place. To make it worse, it is the time of the month, the growth of ramdom pimples can really get out of hand. I've been using this random drugstore commercial cleanser for a while now, and I realized, ever since I switch over to the foam cleanser, my skin condition got worse. And I am not exactly the type that uses toner, and moisturizer because I honestly have zero clue on how these skincare products work. So I only have 1 facial cleanser, and that's all I had been using for the past 23 years of my life. I guess this is what people meant by you get what you pay for.

With the collaboration of Clinique, were really nice to have sponsored me a set of Clinique's 3-step Skin Care Regime which consist of a Facial Soap Cleanser, Daily Soft Exfoliator and Moisturizer! This is my very first time going on a skin care regime, and I am not kidding, it really did helped with my skin condition.

Disclaimer: All Clinique products mentioned here are allergy tested, 100% Fragrance free and clinically formulated by a Dermatologist.

I belong to the combination-skin type group: With oily T-zone and dry on cheeks. So I was given a set of products specially catered to oily skin!

The skin care regime is really simple! You just have to wash your face twice a day, and make sure you exfoliate at the same time replenish the moisture level of your skin, and you will see improvements in as short as 3 days(Because that was how fast I saw improvement on my skin condition!)

No.1 Liquid Facial Soap, S$35

The facial soap cleanser is really gentle on the skin! I like how I could feel the cleanser cleaning off layers of sebum trapped within my pores. Sounds a bit extreme doesn't it? But that is exactly how I feel after washing my face with it every time. Stubborn cysts got smaller just one day after my first usage! Like the pores are all unclogged and my skin can finally breathe. I am quite surprised to be honest! Followed by the daily exfoliator, I get to remove even more dirt that couldn't be removed using the cleanser!

No.2 Clarifying Lotion III, S$39

The exfoliator stings a little because it is alcohol based, and I can really smell the strong stench of alcohol whenever I wipe across my cheeks. It feels like you're using alcohol swab on your skin, except that this is much much more gentle on your skin and doesn't overdry it when you exfoliate. It helps to remove stubborn dirt and dead cells that cannot be removed using the facial soap, allowing new skin cells to grow! I actually really like the feeling of seeing dirty cotton pad after cleaning my face. It shows that I can REALLY cleaning it, instead of splashing soap and water on my face everyday. My skin became brighter after 3 days of this regime!

I don't really fancy the alcohol smell though.. A little too strong, and it kind of stings my nose when I accidentally breathe it in while exfoliating, :(

Next up is the moisturizer, to help balance out the moisture level of your skin after exfoliating!

No.3 Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, S$60

On first glance, the moisturizer looks really thick. Even after you pump it out onto your palm, it feels like it is not enough to apply it onto your entire face and neck. What makes it amazing is that, the moisturizer will turn slightly watery once you start applying! Somehow like jelly melting away, hahaha. It feels really gentle and smooth, and the light texture helps my skin absorb the moisturizer better. About 5 ~ 10 minutes later, I can feel my skin really moisturized and having that "Boing! Boing!" feeling. :3

With this, I can finally hold my head high and head out of the house with minimal make-up or no make-up at all. I had been really insecure after my recent outbreak, and it is causing me quite a bit of problem. I have to work under the sun and face customers everyday, I honestly don't like the feeling of people staring at the huge cysts on my forehead and chin.

Furthermore, my skin was really really dry and flaky due to exposing to sunlight everyday. It was really hard to put on make-up which I have to because of my job, because of the dry skin. Most make-up don't stay and it turns patchy really quickly making my face look extremely dull and oily.

After using Clinique 3 Steps Skin Care set for close 2 weeks now, I can see a drastic difference in my skin condition as compared to me using just a commercial cleanser in the past!

And I hope in time to come, I can head out of the house with as minimal make-up as possible, be confident of my skin and not be bothered by the eyes of others. Living my own live, driving my BMW z4, struting down the streets with long flowy hair, with my daebak Korean boyfriend, looking more than just fabulous. HAHAHAHA.

Okok, I know I sound a bit narcissistic right now. But, but... don't we all live to dream?

What about you? If you could tell your future self anything, what would it be?

Join me and #Faceforward with Clinique Singapore!

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