Klenspop Review: Purple

by - Thursday, July 16, 2015

I am backkkkkkzxczxczxc with yet another lens review! Woohoo!!

Messy hair, don't care... XD

The last time Klenspop actually sent me 2 pairs of lenses, but I didn't want to open them both at once, so I saved this pair until now, hahahaha.

Was pretty stoked to try out this pair because this is my first time trying out purple lens! I've always been an avid fan of Grey and Brown lenses, never really tried any other colors before because I'm super afraid it'll look weird. The irony though..... Because I really really love red lenses as well?! xP

I was given the TT 2 Color Plus Violet to review this time. As usual, the comfortablity level was just right but I could feel that this pair of lenses is slightly thicker than the Honey Brown lens I had. The Honey Brown is by far still the most comfortable pair I've received!

The color is pretty sheer. Can't really tell that it's purple lens indoor, but you can easily see the blink-blink effect under the sunlight! It's like galaxy within your eyes! A pity I couldn't capture because my camera sucks lol. Wish I did tho........

Crazy color contact lenses may cause a problem for formal events, so this pair of purple is actually not too bad in my opinion. It looks perfectly normal on me, and suitable for formal events if I don't wish to wear my glasses. It can also look pretty when I am by the beach or on a day out at USS! :D

The TT 2 Color Plus Violet gives off a teary look, making your eyes look really huge and adorable. You know how guys always die for those Puss in Boots eyes? XD

I also like that it is not extremely obvious! My skin tone doesn't really suit purple lenses, so I am really glad it wasn't the obvious crazy lens kind of tone!

The black rim really enhanced my eyes a lot! Making it look larger than usual, hahahaha. Wahlau, my eyes are not that small also lah, okay. XD A few more shots from the other day!

A little bit more obvious here, hehe.

If you are looking for crazy bright violet lens, these are probably not for you. I feel these pair of lenses suit those cutesy, soft look more than your usual natural lens? Hahaha, idk. Just my opinion!

The lenses are available in different degrees as well, just check the website for it's availability!
The order process is pretty simple as well, you can pay by paypal, VISA or Mastercard, no worries! :D

They have an ongoing offer of 10% discount. Just key in this code "R9LAF9SP" when placing your order to be entitled to the discount!

Recently caught my eyes on these! I should perhaps invest in a pair red lens soon! Hehehehehe. Stay tune for more lens review soon!

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