by - Thursday, January 10, 2013

Actually I wanted to share a song yesterday, but I totally forgot about it. Oh well, its never too late right, hahaha!

Anyway, I've been taking bus to school recently. That just brought my laziness up to another level because I don't have to walk to the MRT anymore, I could wake up 30minutes later because the bus stop is right outside my house. And going home is so much easier, because the bus stops right outside my house too. HEHE. Damn shiok!

We are almost mid-way through January already. And it seems like my New Year resolutions are not taking effect, yet. I certainly hope it'll all be achieved ah.. My laziness needs to be treated with immediate effect. I used to skip school because the MRT is so far away. But now the bus stop is right outside my place, I shouldn't have anymore excuses right?! But ya, I'm still lazy.

It's Open House tomorrow, and I can't believe I've got to attend school. We should have a day off la! Since it's Friday... anyway..... x(

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