Half dead

by - Friday, January 18, 2013

Yaw-haw-haw! Sorry for the lack of updates. Because I was too busy for the past few weeks, I practically coma, in other words sleep, whenever I have the chance to. There is so much for me to deal with I honestly hope I could just disappear to another dimension where I could just rot my life away. Schoolwork itself is taking away half of my lifespan. I'll really die early if this kind of lifestyle continues.

And then there's this peeping case going on at my area. Apparently, someone tried taking photos of my mom showering one night, and she had been nagging at me insisting that, that fella comes every night to take pictures of me showering because I always shower in the middle of the night. And my photos are gonna surface on the net soon. LIKE SERIOUSLY?

I honestly don't get why parents always have to find things to say you. Even when there's totally nothing to say already, they can just throw things at you and blame you for it. Ugh.

Last weekend.

Very hungry. I shall go get some food. Nhmm, see you soon! 8D

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