Fly away.

by - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello guys!

Tonight, I'll be making my virgin trip to alone to Taiwan, Taipei! Frankly speaking, I'm not exactly nervous, or eggcited. It feels as if I'm waiting for a skybus to Taiwan, hahaha!

Boarding in less than 25mins time. I hope I'll have tons of stuff for me to blog about when I'm back! Actually, I'm rather depressed about a couple of stuff. I actually brought out the wrong lens casing and now I have no contact lenses to wear when I'm there. What's worse, the current one I have had already expired for 2 months. I totally forgot to clear it out! :(

And I love to doodle. I can't believe I actually forgot to bring out my favourite pen. Oh well, I'll make do with ball-point for now. Hahaha!

Alrighty, flying away! I'll be back real soon. Like, really really soon. :)

And baby, I love you.

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