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Nuffnang is back with another awesome giveaway! *Pops champagne*

Judging from my title, it's pretty obvious what I'm gonna blog about today. Hell yes, cameras! How can I resist something that's so useful and essential and at the same time, pretty and stylish?! My eyes melted when I first saw the pretty pink one back in Taiwan.

A pity I wasn't rich enough to kidnap it home. But, haha, that's J1 I'm talking about. Its actually in a pretty baby pink shade, but my iPhone made it looked hot pink. I've been taking picture using my iPhone for quite some time now. I don't have a personal cam, hence the obvious reason to all the lousy quality pictures I have on my blog from my iPhone front cam, :(

Introducing the gorgeous sibling of J1.... *drum rolls*..... the Nikon 1 J2!!!

Wahlao, so chio. How to resist this compact, gorgeous, 10.1 megapix with interchangeable lens system camera?! The white one is such a killer. It practically goes well with any outfit and occasion! Even when I'm wearing a husky on my head. :3

And its the best companion for my two other babies....

Hahahaha, phewtick!

Look how well they go together!
What's more, 2NE1 are the ambassadors for Nikon J2!!
And we all know 2NE1 is well known for their unique and stylish fashion!
Ey, ey, ey, ey, eyyyyy, 2NE1!~~~

Look at those babies 8D ~~ They don't even need to exaggerate their pose to look good with Nikon J2. Why so pretty... xD
To add on, Nikon J2 is lightweight and compact. It weighs approximately 363g only! It's easy to carry, and you could sling around your neck as a portable, usable and stylish accessory! Spares you the hassle of opening your bag again and again and again, just to snap one picture. I spoiled my previous Sony Digital Cam because it slipped when I was opening my bag, T_T

They also have Advanced Hybrid AF System! You know how autofocus can be pain in the ass some time. Especially when you're trying to capture a high-speed image, and you can't focus on that moving object?! Well, Nikon J2 can do it! It's designed to capture fast moving objects, and they chose the best shots for you! Now I don't have to worry about taking blurry jump shots anymore, xD

And also Motion Snapshots! You can make your pictures into a slow motion movie with this function! Imagine you're able to capture F1 race car drifting pass you. Oh god... This camera is a total die for. Especially when it's light and compact. You don't need to carry those humongous wide angle lens or a high-speed shutter DSLR everywhere anymore! Nikon J2 is like everything-in-1!

Their lenses and colors!

Apart from being pretty, what made me more eggcited was the underwater case!!

Still looking good. ;)
A waterproof camera... What more can you ask for?! Now you can even camwhore underwater(Something smartphones can't do. :x ) with awesome quality.
Ditch away those plain looking and useless accessory. Everybody needs something that's able to capture the best moments in your life, at the same time doesn't look off while carrying it. Their striking color helps enhances your outfit, and at the same time captures the best quality images! I think it's probably the most suitable camera to hold even when you're wearing your wedding gown. Hehe. How cool is that!

More information on Nikon J2, click here! ^-^

Don't ever tell me you don't need a gadget like that. I know Smartphones are like the king of all electronics right now, but... You still need a good camera to capture awesome moments in life isn't it!? You can even spare away those photoshopping time for something better in life. You know how annoying it is to process photos and then photoshoping them all the time. Plus, you obviously wouldn't want to swim with your smartphones. Grab a Nikon 1 J2 now! :D

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