Epilogue de 2012

by - Monday, December 31, 2012

Finally. It's the last day of the year. To think it has already been 4 days since my last post! It felt as if it was only yesterday when I went Kallang for the dim sum buffet. Thought of gorging all the food down still makes me gag.

And the last day of the year also spells the time for resolutions! To be honest, I find it pretty stupid to whip up all these resolutions because as the year goes by, I kind of forget all about it and just let nature take its course. Still! I'll do the list anyway, just to remind myself of all the stupid things I've done this year, and not to repeat it again in the next.

#01 Strive harder

Why so? I've been a slacker for the whole of my life. Since college days, during the times when everyone is rushing for their FYP, I was practically gaming and sleeping through my holidays. And had only started to work on my project 2 weeks before the actual presentation. Of course, I obviously failed to get decent GPA to enter the school I wanted. What's worse, I repeated the same mistake this year again during October 2012.

I could very well complete my assignments on time, but I chose not to, and delayed it till the very last minute to rush it through. And I had to spend my 5 days without sleeping and food, just to complete everything and get a border line pass to go onto next semester. The feeling was hell. And I obviously do not want to go through it again.

#02 Be more friendly

A rather stupid resolution! I actually went to dictionary the meaning of resolution again to double confirm if this resolution falls under the resolution category.

I guess I'll have to be friendlier for the next year. Upon entering my new school, after going through 3 months of shit with those fellas, and watching friends dropping out honestly made me feel that I should stop being so competitive and start being nice to people. The kind of stress the school is putting us through is bad enough. It would be worse to have awful classmates/schoolmates, isn't it?

So yep, you've got to be friendly, Vivi.

#03 Stop being lazy

An awful truth which I REFUSE to face.... I'm turning legal to be leaving house in 2013, dammit. It's time to be independent, earn myself some bucks, and really really start planning my life. I can't believe I've lived the past 20 years without any decent achievements in my life. Most of my friends are Uni grads, and they are all probably overseas now, or studying for god-knows-what level of education now. Yes, they are so hardworking, it freaks me out.

And you see... I'm still stuck in this tiny island... Crying a typical Singaporeans' woes everyday. Money, GST, traffic, weather, school, yadah.... Man, those got to stop. Like really, STAPH. I need to stop whining about life, and start doing something about it instead.

#04 Start looking like an adult

It seriously demoralizes me whenever I see people my age dressing up. Wearing long dresses, having nice long hair, with nice make-up, nice shoes/heels and whatsoever, because, I am still wearing T-shirts, shorts and slippers. And I've been wearing those since I was 13. Can you fucking believe I'm still looking like a 13 years old? And I could still fit into my primary school clothings. Which I guess could pretty much summarize up why I'm still so kiddish. I couldn't outgrow my clothes enough to be getting new ones, fml.

Time to grow up!

#05 Be smart, act smart

My life is pretty much completed ever since I got my Macbook. Everything I want since I was just a teenager had already been achieved! So my resolutions are mostly about myself, about how I should change. But well, resolutions are supposed to be about yourself right!?

Be smart, and act smart. It kinda pisses me off when I'm acting okay with everything, and just go with the flow. Like what people always say, when you you're too nice, you get "eaten". Which is what happened a lot in 2012 for me.

Time for a major change in 2013!
Good bye 2012, hello 2013!

A couple of pretty winter photo to end the year. Have a great 2013 everyone! ♥


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