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Sup fellas. The first Friday of 2013! Which also means the last week of holidays, fml. I practically slept in my Friday afternoon and only woke up at about 6:45PM to have dinner. I can totally see how screwed I'm gonna be once school start. First lesson is already an 8AM lecture and I think I'll probably die.

Anyway, I was bored last night and I went to google up on Marilyn Monroe. She's someone really inspirational! Having going through all sorts of shit and still shining bright as an individual. Maybe it's just me, but I feel some of the things she said really made dam much sense. Which also kinda made me wake up and stop slacking my life away.

You know, we have all kinds of people around to put you down? Some people are so sick, they can do every single shit just to make sure you'll die. And sometimes I really don't get why do they do that. It's like, what good does it do you to waste so much of your time on a minority like me?

I've thought about it, and it all comes to, jealousy.

Anyone can get jealous, anyone can hate on you. But I just dont get why people would go to such extent to ruin your life out of jealousy. It's plain sick, childish and stupid. You know how they go around telling tales, and make you the bad and lousy person? It's like they are constantly trying so hard to put you down!

You can be jealous, you can hate on people you dislike. I mean, you can even go around telling tales, but ultimately, you're the one at the losing end. Perhaps you have the face, body and xx, you could get attention from 30% of the crowds. But you haters do know that you're not a saint, and you can't control the whole world do you? Even Justin Bieber couldn't make his haters love him with the good deeds he did. *Rolls eye*

Haters should really reconsider their job, and start spending some time on beautifying their personaility. Nobody's perfect, so stop judging. Someone can be famous for nothing but pure looks. Well, they're born with it, some are rich enough to buy it. If you're jealous and rich enough, go plastic! Or spend some cash on cosmetics to powder yourself up, works fine too.

You see, everyone has their fair share to where they are now. What's the point of getting jealous and hate on someone you barely knew or someone you used to know? It's not like you get paid for doing that. But if you really enjoy doing that so much, you could try interviewing a job for paparazzi. And by then you'll probably know how it feels to be hated. How nice, right? You learn how it's like being hated while doing your favourite job!

Okay, back to what I was saying. I love Marilyn Monroe because she's such a strong person! No matter the critics and views, she continued being herself. Everyone would face shit at least once in their life. What's important is not to lose yourself while dealing with shit. Don't turn into someone you're not in the process of retaliating. That's what I've learned ever since I entered my new school.

You're gonna face critics and judgements everyday. Like literally everyday. What's worse? My school actually teaches us how to judge. Which is the obvious reason to why I always say, "I don't judge. I am merely contextualizing you."

It no doubt makes me sick. But it made me a stronger and smarter person.

A photo from yesterday.

"Know how to be happy even when you're sad. Because it's important."

Update soon. Happy Friday!

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