Belated Christmas.

by - Thursday, December 27, 2012

Greetings! With a song I've been listening to recently.

宇珩 - 依然是朋友

And congratulations! We've survived 21/12/2012, we celebrated 2012's Christmas and even had awesome Boxing Day! I hope everyone loves the presents they received, because I especially love mine! Actually I don't celebrate Christmas, and I hardly even get gifts for Christmas. But this year is kind of special. I have gifts from my family, Clint, friends, and one especially important and awesome one... The school.

What else could be more awesome than receiving your passing results on Boxing Day?!

See!? Super awesome right?! I'm smiling like a retard now. And I can't stop, oh god. I guess I'll probably act like a retard for the next few week until school reopen, HEHEHE.

Today's Boxing Day! Went out with Clint in the morning for Dimsum buffet at Old HK Tea House. Took an hour bus ride from the West all the way down to Katong. Can't believe we actually had that kind of patience to travel on bus. Thank god the food was not bad, but the service was horrendous. Not that I want to be racist, but the store is filled with PRC that doesnt do their work at all! They are either chatting away, or sitting at a corner slacking away. We only got our food about 30 minutes after we ordered. :/ But the food was not bad lah, so the bad service was spared.

That's some really pathetic cheecheongfan. But it tastes nice!

Nhmmm, duck. Quack.

I really hate siewmai. We ordered it wrongly because it didnt even state it's siewmai. So me and Clint were like trying super hard to swallow them to prevent food wastage. I almost puke trying to finish it. Too much dimsum makes you sick. But we cleared the table anyway, hehehe.

Headed over to Cathay afterwards to meet up with Clint's clique for Les Miserables. I swear the movie was awesome. I didn't know Hugh Jackman could sing!! Though it's really boring for people who doesn't enjoy opera or history, and I almost fell asleep throughout that 2 hours 45 minutes show, it's still awesome. I really like the storyline and watching Wolverine acting as a saint was no doubt darn cool.

#LOTD. Looking different today. I actually wore long sleeves and had rather thick eye liner on. Feels funny, and super not use to it but I like how I look in this picture, HAHA. Okay, enough of self-obssession.

I'm feeling super hyper now upon knowing my results. Yes, 3AM in the morning, I check my letter box for my results. I was initially super tired after being out for 14hours, and was almost dead like a snoozing fish until I receive a text from Chloe about results. And the letter totally made my day. Even the minions on my nails are dancing!

Bababa, babanana~ Bababa, babanana~ Bababanana~ Potato-na-ah-ah~~~

New Year in 4 days time! Can't wait. Xo

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