by - Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hey yo. Haven't been blogging because I've been spending most of my time sleeping. The past few weeks were horrid. I felt so drained I don't even want to wake up. I got so lazy, even eating felt like a chore.

Time passes so fast. It's the 20th already. And in less than 10 hours, it'll be the said doomsday. Which I feel, would probably be just another normal day. But what if its true? Then this will be my last blog post right?! What a great start for my 101st...

Just the other day, I was spamming my Twitter about what 2012 had taught me, and I realized, so much had happened it felt as if I had spent 10 years on Earth. 2012 passed so quickly that things happened in 2011 felt as if it was only yesterday.

2012 was a hell of a year. Even thinking back about it drains my brain cells. *Faints*


End of the era already?

2012 had taught me a lot. I guess it's the busiest year, yet. All the big and nasty stuff happened. Everybody's going on about how the world wouldn't end and how all of these are just bullshit. Well, I don't know. In fact, nobody knows. The world will end, we just don't know when. We may wake up to another day on Earth, or our lives could just end in our sleep.

Honestly, people ask, why am I not afraid? Isn't there any regrets? Of course there are regrets. But no, I am not afraid. I don't fear natural death. Obviously I'll feel scare if I just so happen to be facing a car dashing towards me right?

But do you see the point here? It's the end of human race, you're sitting at home waiting for death. There isn't anything you could do because it's already too late. So there's no point letting regrets get you.

Throughout 2012, I met a lot of new people. I faced shit, I gained opportunities, I fought for what I want, and I fought for my life. Health hasn't been good for me, neither my work, studies, friendship nor relationship. Of course, there were happy times... But the bad times just kinda clouded everything from my vision. I'm glad I'm through with it. It'll be the end of 2012 in 10 days time. Be it apocalypse or not tomorrow.

2012 made me a stronger person. Also a nicer person. I had a chat with Clint a few days back. I don't know if its a good thing.. I told him I no longer know how to hate somebody. I do throw tantrum, I do rant and whine. I still do get irritated. But I won't stay angry for long. Let me sleep, leave me alone. And tomorrow is a brand new day! I've moved on.

I was a really angsty teenager. Hot tempered and really violent. Most of my childhood friends are afraid of me because I used to go around kicking ass. I'm glad I matured in a way. But growing up had made me vulnerable. It made me seems like I'm someone that could easily be made used of. Not that I mind.. We are all mere humans. Making use of people is how we fight to survive in this cruel and realistic world.

Whether do we die tomorrow or not, Ill look at this world as afterlife. Everything will start afresh, and reborn. I'm thankful for what I have now. And I'm happy I've left what is known as hell in my dictionary.

Watching everyone bashing the 21/12/2012 prophecy somehow makes me think if they would still be laughing if something really happens tomorrow. Hmm....

Happy afterlife.

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