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My 100th post!! Was actually thinking of blogging something interesting and long, but my life is so boring I really have nothing better to blog about......... Maybe on the 101st one.

I finalllyyyyyyy cut my super damaged hairrrrr! Bad thing is, I allow the stylist to freestyle, so he gave me one really thick bangs. So thick it's hard to handle. And I'm not those that has super fast hair-growth rate cause I'm lack of Vitamin B(Nutrients that supports your head. Which explains why I'm super retarded at times.) So ya, I kinda regret being a mushroom again. Pffts....

But I gotta give credits to the stylist. He's really good! I realize most hair dressers have magic powers. They could help you style your hair in a way it looks so damn good?! I went home, showered, dry my hair and I was like, "Fuck." It's totally horrendous la! I look like I have barbed wires sticking out everywhere on my head.

Never mind. I'm not really bothered anymore, since nothing could be done to save it but patience. YES, PATIENCE. Now wait for le hair to grow....

It was impromptu! I actually went out that day for a short lunch with bro I knew for 10 years because he's enlisting later this week, so I was dressed like that... Don't judge!

For the new hairdo, tried out a new look!
The shoulder cutting made my hand look like it's broken, ._.

I'm not really a fan of dresses, and these two were too big for me! I felt really weird in them, but nevertheless, I look more feminine right?! Actually I kinda like the first piece. I feel like snow-white in the second one, HAHA. Okay moving on!

Went to Singapore Zoo last Saturday with the cliques! Joejoe wore red lenses as well! No wonder he's my twin. ;)

I just realized I look down syndrome here, fml.. Nvm. You know how annoying it is to have a friend that's at least 30CM taller than you?! It's so hard to snap a photo with him standing because I look like a total midget next to him! What's worse, I can't believe he's only 2 days older than me. Sigh, the power of genes...

Wearing poncho cause I didn't want to get caught in the drizzle. Went home with a terrible headache and eye infection anyway, T_T

With my new boyfriend. It seems like he's more interested in the bunch of vege on the ground than me?!

A really cute parrot! It was soooo tiny!

Tatalala! Okayokay, Tarantula. Can you see it, can you see it??

Next, introducing... MY GINAS!

They look like they are having so much fun in there.... I wanna join them... T_T
And there's this really cute fella, he came over and checked us out! If only we could enter... :(


Bunch of penpens! I always call them dandan because they look like an egg waddling around, ._. Dont you think so? Maybe it's just me, ~_~

And we spotted a lot of amusing stuff there too! Seems like it's an awesome day to make out ah....

This one wanted threesome, LOL.

The tortoise was the best part. There were even sound effects. Okay, PG, PG!

After zoo, we headed over to Cine, initially wanted to catch a movie but then we ended up having Shabu Shabu instead. Cheap, affordable, and totally worth it. Unlimited meat and vege for the price of $19.90++?! Maybe cause I ate a lot. The rest didn't really eat much, :/ No photos because the phone practically died.

Reached home with a horrible headache and eye infection, how nice. But I concussed for the next 15 hours with a really gooood sleep! Alright, that's my weekend. I totally sleep in my Sunday. Awesome right!

It's Monday again, thank god it's holidays... BUT TIME IS PASSING SO FAST?! Sigh.

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  1. Where did you do your hair? I'm really keen on finding a good hairdresser(:

  2. I had my hair cut at Jean Yip in Westmall! :)


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