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by - Saturday, October 27, 2012

A reeeeeally long day today. I woke up at about 11AM, got prepared and headed out to Cine for JCOSMELAND CARNIVAL. The weather was so hot. It was like 34 degree celsius that felt like 40. I think even frying an egg is possible. Isn't it end of the year already?! All the Christmas decorations are already up, but why is it still so !@#$#@% warmmmm!

With Peishi! Oh my god, I just so happen to see her on the bus and took a photo with her! Kidding. Actually we headed out of house together, since she was meeting her friends at Cine too, hahaha.

Went over to K Union to JCOSMELAND Carnival and collected my goody bag. Didnt shop much cause I was pretty tight with cash now.. And there were so many pretty clothings! Right next to Cine was SCAPE* flea. Ugh, what a waste, but oh well. There's flea every weekend anyway, hahaha.

Oh, visited Zhiying at the flea too! She was working at this badge selling store, so I decided to drop by and disturb her for a bit. Bought her an early birthday present, and went to walk around until Reon reach Somerset!

Met up with the rest of the clique at 313 and then headed back to SCAPE* to disturb Zy again... Their idea! But we ended up staging up a tiny surprise for Joe instead.

Reon was like telling us how much Joe likes Peishi. So Reon suggested to get Peishi to say hi to him from out of nowhere, just to see how would Joe react. So Clint called up Peishi and tell her about the plan, she actually agreed to it! So we headed back to SCAPE* and meet up with Peishi secretly somewhere, and got her to pop up from behind Joe, give him a tap and say hi.


I swear Joe's reaction was classic. A pity we didn't get to video it down. Everyone went like, "Omg Peishi, WE LOVE YOU. THANK YOU!".

He totally turned into a tomato! What's more amusing is that, he actually replied, "Hi" and then turned around, jumped, ran away after realizing it was Peishi. Who the hell says hi without even looking at who it is?! LOL.

Fanboy mode Joe! He was so shy the whole of his head turned bright red and didnt even dare to take a photo with her! But he took one anyway, hahaha!

With Zhiying!

Clint ♥!

Bought a couple of Custard Puffs from Icing Room before heading back home for my cousin's birthday celebration!

I love Icing Room's Cookie Custard Puff! I'll always get a few whenever I'm around Jurong Point or 313! Especially the chocolate one, yummmmms.

Just had my dinner with my relatives, rotting around with Clint next to me. You know that annoying moment when you are trying to enjoy a bit of cold crab, and then you got cut by the crab's shell on the lips and the fingers?! Now my finger tip hurts like a bitch, T.T.. Oh well, at least I got to eat crabs, hehehe.

It's a stay-home Sunday tomorrow! Gonna sleep in. Good bai ebryone! Xx

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