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by - Monday, October 22, 2012

Can't help trying out this make up ever since I watch the video. It's so chio! Also, the song is so catchy, and the dance isn't too bad too! To add on, Ailee is just so..... Hawt.

Last weekend!

Photo taking skills got from bad to worse ever since I lost my phone, 8( But well, I'll get those skills back HAHA.

Anyway, I'm planning to do a Halloween make-up look! Seems like a lot of my friends are superb eggciteddddd to see me looking like a ghost. Frankly speaking, I don't have much make-up. I don't even have a decent make-up tool set. So I doubt it's gonna be easy for me to transform myself with only a couple of foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, eye brow pencil and blusher...

BUT I'LL TRY! Since it seems fun!

A good thing about having frizzy and unkempt hair now, I could easily pass myself as a wandering cute ghost with my bed head.

*Self comforts...* I obviously wish to visit the salon and have my hair trimmed. But... But.... I'm so broke recently!

Oh well! We're near the end of the year! Every time it's Halloween, it means Christmas is near! And after Christmas.... NEW YEAR! Super fast right?! Can't wait for the angbaos come knocking on my ATM card. Gahahaha

Alright, morning lesson tomorrow. Gotta sleep now.


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