New hair color? No!

by - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Okay, okay. I'll come clean! A lot of you had been asking me "Where did I dye my hair", "How much is it", "How come I could hair abuse without worries"... ever since I uploaded a Purple-pink Ombré on my Instagram. Truth is..... I didn't dye my hair at all.

It's actually an application I downloaded from iTunes Store quite some time ago! I couldn't play with the apps anymore since I lost my iPhone last June. But now that I've got my i5, I couldn't resist not editing my photos with all these awesome apps on my phone!

So I'm gonna share with you guys this awesome hair color change app that I've been using to "dye" my hair.
Some of you would had already know about this app! But no harm sharing right? Some people might not know hahaha.

Okay, get your iPhones ready, apple users! Go to iTunes Store and download "Hair Color Booth".

The apps Icon should look like this one! But of course, I'm not asking you to download the full version la. I downloaded the free one that has like 6 colors already? And it's the few popular colors haha.

Like any other photo editing apps, you could chose to take a photo on the spot or chose from your library. For me, I'm using the one I took on the bus last Saturday. It has a clearer view of my hair.

After you're done with chosing your picture, you should be on this page.

By default, you should be on the "Brush" tool!

Then they have this "Hand" tool on the top, it allows you to move your photo around when you zoom in. But that's not really important unless you are really particular about how the color would turn out.

Then using the "Brush" tool, I highlighted the area I want to color. I mean like, ikr?! This app is so straight forward I believe without me teaching you guys would know how to go about it, lol.

Then there's this "Eraser" tool. Where you erase off the areas you do not wish to color. I usually use this to create "softness" for the edges. So the color wouldn't turn out too harsh like you just smack paint right on your hair like that.

Once youre done and just select "Next", then you'll see these!

Yes, that's where the fun comes in! Bwahahahahaha.
There's only these 6 colors available for the free trial app. If you want more colors like, green, blonde, blue, white, ash of different shades, you'll have to buy the full app at about USD2.58.
If your color doesn't cover the whole area, just select "Back" and rehighlight the areas that's not covered!

Select "Strength" and you could adjust the intensity, saturation and smoothness of the color! For this post, I used the blue one for example, lol. Don't ask me why I chose blue, just felt like it okay!

Adjust the intensity abit....

Tadah! I got violet ash!

I know it looks fake la... It's an impromptu post that my friend suggested I blog about while I was on the train home. So I did all these images while I was on train!
But I have better ones that I did last night while I was deciding on which color to dye next! I decided to go back to brunette because all these colors are too crazy and hard to maintain, hahaha. Here's a few I did last night. A few of my favorites.

*TIP: After saving your picture, use other photo editing app to soft glow or HDR it to make it look realistic!

So.. Have fun guys! Everybody canzxc has colorfulzxc hairzxc nao! And now that my secret's out.. Time to find other stuff to play. XD

P/s: Ignore the black borders on my screenshots. This app isn't i5 friendly yet... x(

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