by - Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Wahraos.. Everything's due within this two weeks. And I have so many assignment missing from my sketchbook, I could die crying.

Last Friday.

With the Siao zabor at Bugis Street.

You know, you know, you know... Me and the Siao zabor participated in Bugis Street "We are BFF" contest.. And I can't believe it's so hard to win!! Okay, the contest is through voting, so we are like required to get all our friends to vote for us and yadah, the highest vote gets to win $500 Bugis Street Shopping Voucher + $200 KStreet Voucher. TEMPTING RIGHT?!

But honestly, it's really tough to win considering I have no connections and my friends ain't supportive enough to get their friends to vote for me. And you could vote once every 6 hours la.. AND MY FRIENDS ARE NOT SUPPORTIVE ENOUGH TO VOTE EVERY 6 HOURS! Let me go emo for a bit......

Bugis Street: We are BFF! Gallery

Look for my face, probably in the second page now, and click for me k. I'm mad depress about the fact there isn't a second prize. And the first is like 200 votes away, ugh. I don't even think I'll win.. But you guys are gonna support me right?! I know all of you are lovely people. Hehe. Voting end on 14th November!

Okay I'm gonna go rush my work again and go to school. #foreverlate

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