Hard Rock Sentosa

by - Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's a really busyyyyy day for me yesterday. So busy I could barely even sit down for 5 mins to catch my breath! The only time I got to rest was while I'm showering. I literally took an hour because I felt so tired, and refused to get out of the tub, :(

It was my grandpa's 88th birthday and I was asked to prepare quite a couple of dishes for the celebration that night. So I slept in until about 1PM, got up, left Clint's place and headed home at about 2PM, and started my super busy day.

Mom was ranting about how hard and troublesome it was to make dango, so I started kneading about 30 sticks of it the moment I got home.

Just a portion of it. It's dango okay? IT'S DANGO! Stop telling me it's muachee even though it taste the same and made the same way. It's rounded and skewered, SO IT'S DANGO! I insist!

Then I made a superb huge bowl of chawanmushi and helped out with quite a bit of salad and crabs, yadah.. Yes, I can cook. Don't judge! Didn't take much photos of the food because I was too busy. In fact, I barely even ate anything because once the dinner started, I had to go get ready for Zhiying's 21st birthday celebration later that night at Hard Rock Hotel! See how busy I was?!

After getting dressed and everything, I quickly baked a couple of sugar puffs as present before heading out. Thank god my cousin has driving license. I got him to drive me over at about 10PM. I was supposed to be there by 9, but I headed out at 10. Made boyfriend and the clique waited quite some time, so sorry.. T.T

With the cliques at Hard Rock Hotel lobby! It's my first time there! Superb nice place. I really like the environment! The lobby has a open-space pub, and a mini stage where pub singers would be performing. And their voice were reeeeallllly good. Didnt snap any picture of the place because I was too tired. Or perhaps it's a home-grown citizen thing. You won't want to snap pictures of Merlion everytime you visit Sentosa isn't it? :x

After chilling around for a bit at the lobby, we headed up to Zhiying's room for the celebration! But honestly, there isn't really anymore "celebration" by the time we arrived. The party was meant to start at 8PM and end at about 1130PM, but we arrived at around 1045PM, where most people had already left and they're all gathered around catching up about nothingness. Lol

At the room's toilet with the infamous toilet shot, xD


With the birthday girl!

I look super tired. In fact, I was realllly tired. We wanted to hang out and stay for the night, but the room was too small and the birthday girl needs to sleep. So we ended up stranded at Sentosa enjoying the cool breeze, fol.

We walked from Hard Rock, to Merlion, to iFly, to Siloso Beach, passed by Emerald and Sapphire Pavilion, and then finally reached Rasa Sentosa, Sangri-la Hotel. Actually we wanted to book a room at Hard Rock for the night but thought it was a lil too costly for just that short 6 ~ 7 hours.. So we walked about to look for others, and we ended up at Sangri-La, that supports the same rate as Hard Rock... -_-

We were really piss! You know the moment of regret when you finally reach your destination to realize that it's no different from the place you came from?! And what's more, Hard Rock has a better environment for us to be stranded at la. At least I wouldn't say we're stranded on Sentosa if we were to just stay at Hard Rock and chill for the night...

So we ended up.......

I've changed out of my pullover by then. All the chilly breeze and moist air made my hair and make-up go back to zero. My curls turned into moist straights and my face felt as if I had natural make-up remover helping me getting everything off and replaced it with dust.

Considering I already had such a long day, I really thought I was on a survival journey at Sentosa. It was like a journey to survive till the first bus home, ._. But after rotting at Sangri-La's, we were told to leave nicely by this super nice lady that asked us if everything was fine. They were probably getting ready for the day already, so we had turned into some pretty ugly object for the hotel image, LOL.

And thus... Survival failed. We left Sangri-La, and sat outside Underwater World, saw a cab came by, board it and left. Like super retarded. We could had just stayed at Hard Rock and rot, or cabbed home earlier. But we didn't.

Oh well, the day was fun though. We had free foot massage... Free skin moisturizing sesson... Free slimming session.. And probably free survival training, not.

I totally slept in today because I reached home at about 6AM last night, and I was already half-dead. Thank goodness my lenses didnt melt.... So much for a wonderful weekend.

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