Just 2 more days!

by - Thursday, September 13, 2012

I know, I know! I haven't update for weeks! I was too busy trying to meet all of my deadlines. I have like 3 modules due this week, and 2 more on Friday. And my day is always: Wake Up-School-Food-School-Food-Home-Food-Assignment-Food-Sleep and the routine continues until its weekend. Boring and no life, I know. Don't remind me, !OTL.....
I love Food, don't judge!

Superb packed with hell lot of assignments and projects. Not to forget the upcoming MBS Lantern Making competition that I'll be participating. FUUUUUUUUU!!

But it's okay. Just TWO MORE DAYS to go! And I will be happily welcoming the weekends. BEAR WITH ITTTTTT!

My face in case you forgot how I look like because I've been so inactive. Actually I do update my Instagram once in a while! Y U NO FOLLOW(?!)

Did my nails the other day while I was waiting for inspirations to hit me. See! I'm constantly rushing my assignments ok. So hardworking I cant believe myself, wtf.

Okay la. I better go do something or else I'll have to hug Buddha leg again tomorrow.

Till then...


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