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by - Monday, September 17, 2012

Guess what?!

A piece of good news guys. I've won FreshKon's Inspirational Icon contest! All thanks to you lovely people out there who voted for me.
Prize is an iPad and a year supply of Dezigner lens!

Headed over to FreshKon's headquarters this afternoon after school to collect the iPad. It had been delayed for weeks and finally, it's in my hands, (Evil laughter). But I deeply apologize for my busy schedule, thus delaying the collection and made things really inconvenient for them. But they're nice people, still wishing me congratulations and being so patient with me despite cancelling the appointment time and again. (Mad touched).

With a whole lot of stuff from school, I thought it'd be a better choice to get my dad to fetch me over instead of me travelling there alone. That saved me a whole afternoon from travelling! And so, the sick but happy girl is off to collect her prize!

Le iPad.

It makes me really happy to know that I've actually won the iPad! Because I've lost my phone, and have yet to replace a decent one. And this iPad really made my day. Even though it's not a phone, but it's essential enough to suffice whatever an iPhone could do! Now I don't have to take pictures, edit photos, play laggy games on my lousy gadget anymore!

After setting up and transferring some apps from my previous iTunes account, it made me even happier. I'm so glad Apple saves a copy of whatever app you had downloaded. It made things so much easier for me. I don't have to go slowly searching for the apps I've used to use on my 4S! And now that I've almost everything back, I'm more than contented.... (Teary eyes...) Not.

Not that I'm not contented about winning an iPad la, but I still want a decent phone!! So I'm getting myself the i5 on the 21st Sep. HEEHEEHEE.

And a year's supply of Dezigner lens!

Comes in 4 different colors, but I doubt you can see it from the photo!

Now I've an iPad, and I don't have to worry about getting lenses for the next 1 year.. And I can has pretty eyes now, what more can I ask for? T~~T I'm such a blessed girl. Thank you, you all so much. Xoxo

I ish happy girl nao. ~^-^~

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