Strictly Pancake!

by - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

While awaiting for Le Boyf to knock off, me and Kat were seeking shelter @ STRICTLY PANCAKE! It's somewhere opposite POMO, @ Princeps Place. It was raining superb heavily la. So we were practically stuck over there until rain got lighter.

It's a really nice place! They have cosy seats with sofa, cushions, and blah blah. Lucky us, it was so packed and there no more seats for us, so we got to take the sofa seats!

Le Menu.

Ordered a Large Pancake with Rum and Raisins (with 4 pieces of pancake & Rum and Raisins Butter), and Sauteed Mushroom and Bacon as our side!

The Maple Syrup in a really cool slanted glass, with our Rum and Raisins Butter!

Our Pancake with Mushrooms and Bacon! If you eat the mushrooms and bacon alone it's super salty. But it's awfully delicious topping them on the pancake! And to add on, it's really really affordable!

The Large Pancake cost only $8! And each side is only $2.50! I know you can buy hotcakes at McBreakfast for only about 7 bucks upsized la... But Strictly Pancake is available in the afternoon too!! Just in case you can't wake up early enough for McBreakfast, hehehe.

Anyway, I've been really really super duper busy with school work these days. So busy I don't even get enough sleep! I sleep for like only an hour or two every day! If I'm lucky enough to have afternoon lessons only, I get to sleep for maybe 5. But most of the time, I'll be rushing my assignments until 4/5AM in the morning, and waking up at 7AM to prepare for school. I barely even have any time for my boyf. :(

And my complexion is getting from bad to worse. Pimple out breaks with dry skin and eye bags. Ugh, it's just... terrible la! Huuhuu. So bad I don't even want to take any pictures of myself. Sigh.

I realized I haven't been posting up pictures of myself. Just in case you missed my face after so long...

Taken in the school library while everyone's so hardworking and busy with their research. Yep, I was happily slacking away, ripping off the school's electricity, lol.

Okay, I'll be ending here today. Still have tons of work to rush! `ll blog again soon.


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