Boring Monday!

by - Monday, July 02, 2012


It's a boring Monday. Got shook awake by my manager at 10AM this morning, telling me I'm supposed to work today. And so I rushed to showers and got prepared to realized he texted me, "Nvm, you don't have to come already." Ugh. Now I'm having a terrible headache because I woke up too early.

I got bored and have nothing to do at home. So I did a .gifboom using my Toad and Blooper keychain!

Okay, I had a really hard time figuring how to save my gifs in .gif format. Turned out I still can't, because they're all uploaded as mp4, :(

Time really flies. We're already halfway through 2012! And school's starting in just a month's time. And my body clock is still screwed up. Sigh, I think I'll die maybe a week into school life. OTL....

Alright, I'll update soon. Currently planning something big, hehe. I hope I could share it with you guys by the end of this month! Toodles!

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