Luminance! Festival

by - Sunday, July 01, 2012

Promised I'll blog about the light show! So here it is!

But instead of going with le girlfriend, I went with Clint only! Well, girlf kind of MIA-ed for the whole day so ya..... We just went ahead without her, haha.

The exhibition was kind of disappointing. Maybe because of the crowd. It was so packed at *SCAPE we could barely have a chance to take a pretty solo photo for ourselves! We keep getting photobombed by kids running about the area, wtf.

And maybe cause we got there pretty early, and got sick of waiting for hours for the show to start. And we only had a bowl of noodles for lunch. :(

But overall wasn't that bad la. At least I got a couple of pretty pictures this time! Just a couple..

There's word showing! You might have to squint your eyes a lil to see, xD

Im so glad I have not bad a photographer as my boyfriend. He takes the best pictures of me! Though some made me look pretty chubby ah.. Hahaha! Ah, and some photos that I missed out from the USS trip!

All clean, dry and nice before entering, lol.

At Transformers' ride!

\m/^-^\m/ Yay!

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