by - Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have you noticed?

Yep! I changed my blogskin! I stayed up the whole night last night just to finish coding everything from scratch. I seriously can't deny the fact that I'm growing old. OTL.
Just 3 hours of non-stop coding and photoshopping felt like 300 hours. I was so drained that I actually slept until 4PM today.

Supposingly a stay-home day but I ended going out at 6PM to meet Le girlfriend and Kiat for dinner at ION; TCC! TCC has got this GSS Special: 1-For-1 Main Course/Pasta until the end of GSS! So like, why not? Hehehe.

We were actually pretty lucky. We got a seat immediately upon reaching there! And after sitting down for about 5 minutes, crowd start sinking in, and the queue got super long outside TCC. I was actually late la, supposed to meet them at 6PM, but as usual, the MRT fucked everything up and I reached at 6:30. So if I were to be late for a lil bit more, I guess I'd be having my dinner at 8PM already. XD

I've never actually tried TCC's food before. I always go there for drinks instead of food. So I ordered a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese!

Kiat's Seafood Aglio! Tasted pretty good!

Zy's Penne Mama Mia! I should totally order this. The cheese was .... nhmmmmmmm. 8D

O'bello Cheesy Eggplant! Love this! I should try cooking this someday, XD

Not to forget my all time favorite, Mint Choco-Frappe and Zy's Berry Glitz!

Look at those creammmmm. Super fattening, but oh well.

Today's meet-up was totally random! So we have no plans at all after our meal. We ended up wandering around town, heading towards Taka. So we window-shopped a bit there.

TWG's macarons!
They look so delicious that I actually thought of buying a box of 24 back. Obviously I did not. It's $2 each, 24 would make it 48 bux, wtf. I'm so poor now, :(
Maybe I'll get it another time when I'm feeling slightly richer, hahaha.

Then we headed over to Cine to get a box of Softie in my Lolly for bby! Contemplated to go Prize Stage at *SCAPE to have a look but we got so fascinated by the "Luminance! Festival" Light Art Exhibition around the area so we dropped the idea for then and went around looking at the exhibition!

Light chair! My hair actually glows under those lights!

Lotus(I think?) garden.

Bicycle energy generated lights!

Floating girl.

Now this is what you call wall of texts. The boards are clipped in front of the lights to shine all these words onto the wall!

The exhibition will be there until 1st July! And it's all over *SCAPE building! They provide tours at night to tell you more about the artworks exhibited and there will be light shows on weekends of which girlfriend and I planned to attend! So be prepared for more photo spam this weekend!

The infamous toilet shots.
I mean like, YOU'RE IN ION! How can you not camwhore in one of the few prettiest toilets in Singapore!

Ending with a picture of me.

Good night!

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