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by - Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And so I went to USS for the 4th time last Saturday with le boyfriend, zy and Terence! I really hate going on a Saturday. It's so packed there! And I'm seriously considering getting an annual pass to USS since I'm going there so often.

Oh, oh. There's this mug I really really want to get from "The Mummy" gift shop! I shall wait for the next time I go there. It's so pretty I actually wanted to get it and make it the 3rd mug I bought for the day! But no. Hahaha too many at home already.

So the first thing we do upon entering USS: Rush over to Transformers Ride!

Yep, we brought out our lightbulbs. xD

And we thought we were early.. By the time we reached Sentosa and bought the tickets, it was already 11AM. But guess what, there are people who are even earlier. Queue waiting time was 40 minutes by the time we got there. And we ended up waiting for about an hour and 20 minutes for our 2 minutes ride. :( Nevertheless, the ride was awesome, haha.

After Transformers, we rushed over to Revenge of The Mummy!

It's one of the must-ride rides in USS! But too bad, the ride was closed for maintenance, and we were asked to check back later. So we headed over to Jurassic Park and took the Rapid Adventures! No bags allow, so we weren't able to take any pictures in there, :(

Greeted by the egg fountain!
Trying to get some breeze from those spraying water because it's so damn hot and obviously failed because I dare not go too near as I was carrying a lot of gadgets in that tiny bag of mine.

Rapid Adventures! Yay!
I thought I was gonna get super wet because Zy dared all of us to not wear any poncho, but thank god I wasn't exactly wet, haha! It was already 1PM+ by the time we finished our ride. The waiting time was a killer, ugh. Which is why I don't recommend going on weekends. And we haven't eat anything since we get out of our house! So, it's time for foooooooooood!
Lunch at that super huge pizza shop whose name I forgot.

Bigger than all of our face added together, 8D!

Didn't take much photo there because I was really hungry and they have this Pumpkin soup, so awesome I totally forgot about taking pictures, hahahahaha.

Lunch was fulfilling. But wasn't as awesome as we expected. Anyway, we didn't want to waste any time so chop chop, finished our food, and we went to stroll around Hollywood! Oh, and we caught "Lights Camera Action" too! Ever thought how it's like filming natural disasters for movies inside a studio? If yes, go and watch it! It's superb nais!

Saw Charlie Chaplin!

And then we entered the Sesame Streets store.

Cookie monster so hungry he ate his hand.

Candy store!

"Best Girlfriend Award", HAHHAHAHAHA.


Not to forget, the highlight of the day.... BATTLESTAR GALATICA!
Gahahahhahahahaha, how to miss this!? I'm totally a fan of Cylon yo!

And to end our day after all those rides, back to the gift shops for souveniers!

Far Far Away!
Pretty eventful eh! Kay, fine, I know it's not. Hahaha. USS is the same here and there. Bet you guys are bored of reading about the same old USS stuff already, xD

So sup' for dinner?! CHILI'S OF COURSE!


Clint had asked his sis along to join us for dinner, so we rushed out of USS to meet Kiat and her after changing and cleaning up!

Despite rushing, we ended up having to wait for about 30minutes before finally getting a table for 6 at Chili's.


Bby's Chicken Tacos!

Terence's Grilled Salmon with rice!

Zy's Chicken Salad.


Kiat's Cheesesticks!

Don't ask me why there isn't picture of my dish. I didn't order anything, hahaha. I ended up stealing food from everybody since I'm sitting right in the middle! :x

With the ladies!

I look so tired, wtf.

Okay photo quality suck. Because I didn't have the cameo with me and most of the photos above were taken by Clint!
After footing the bills and stuff we walked back to Vivo! I seriously hate walking back from Sentosa, but I want to get home soon and the monorail's queue was super longgggg so I just walked along with the rest and cabbed back home with Clint and sis after that.

Okay, so this SUPERRRRRBBB LENGTHY post is finally ending. It's so long even I got lazy to check for any typo errors, wtf. So ya, if you spot any, spare me the grammer police arrest.

Good night!

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