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Okay, I admit. I'm actually advertising for myself, HAHAHA. I have this whole load of stuff to clear out of my room! Because the stuff hogs up almost 3/4 of the space in my room and I can barely walk around! Especially after considering the fact that I'm pretty obsessed with Prize Stage, I have this mountain lot of plushies all over my room. Like literally, everywhere!

So I'm gonna clear out everything bit by bit, starting with all the geek specs first. Everything at $9 per piece!

Skull Geek

The colors available are as shown!

Plain Geek

Exclusive Leopard Print one. Left 2 pieces!
Colors available as shown in pictures!

Square Geek

Don't ask me for other colors for this design, because these are the only ones left!

Selling at S$9.00 per piece!
I could give discounts if you're purchasing more from me, hehe.

If you realized the URL watermarked on my pictures isn't my blog's URL. Actually "Veeviisme" is my previous URL! I've deleted the blog because I wanted to shift that blog over to my current email, but then after creating an account using my current email, Google forbids me on using that URL. Ugh, mad annoyed I tell you. But it's okay, you would be directed to whenever you access Veeviisme!

To be honest, Idk how much traffic I have on this blog. I'm no famous blogger or celeb, so maybe this post would just rot here without anybody reading and noticing. Super sad life, I know. Who would give a hoot to a small shrimp like me, x'( But no harm trying right! And the photos were all taken by myself! And my boyfriend. See, I put in effort okay.

Just trying to earn some extra cash before my school term starts. And partly due to the fact that I'm quitting Cotton On because my manager is being such a bitch. Y u no be more flexible?! We are part-timers, know?!

Ah well. Anyway, if you're interested in the Geek Specs you could leave me a comment or email me @!

At only S$9.00! Okay, maybe there are cheaper ones out there, but who cares. You guys are gonna get them from me, right? 8D I provide free normal postage too! Don't worry it'll be well-wrapped with bubble wraps and I promise it'll have zero defects when it reaches you.



Next clearance: My plushies! Stay tune!

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