Purikura madness.

by - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

*WARNING: This post is highly populated with photos. It might take some time to load!*

Moshi-mosh! Sup guys!

I've recently been hooked with this particular super duper awesome application on my iPhone and I can't seem to stop disturbing my friends with the photos I generated using the application! Because it's such an awesome photo editing tool! It works just like Purikura(Neoprints)! Best part, it's just a touch away...! Okay I'mma share with you guys this awfully awesome apps that made my day every time I'm feeling down... Hehehehe!

And that apps is.......


I know la, it looks a bit boring, but trust me, you have to download it. Might not be as awesome to everyone, but I totally love this apps, hehe.

You can chose to take a photo straight off from the apps or chose a photo from your album! For me, I'll be using a photo I camwhored a few days back with my crazy braids, :P

You can even crop it square! Spare the hassle of cropping it again to fit into Instagram's frame!

And then..... the filters!!! They have like over 20 filters la!

I personally like the "Tender" one, hehehe.

Unlike most apps, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the filter! Like if you find the contrast is too high, you can adjust it lower and make your photo brighter if the filter is making your picture look dark and harsh! That's partly why I love this apps so much!

They even have awesome fonts!

All the way from A - Z. More than enough to chose from!

Insert's words.....

And then adjust.... adjust.........

Done! and Save!

But that's not all!!

I told you it's like Purikura right?! So of course they have funny stamps and chio brushes too! But it's a lil pointless for the brushes if you don't have a stylus pen, imo. Because it's still friggin' hard to write smoothly with your fingers on this tiny iPhone!

This was just a section of what I print-screened! There's still a lot more in the list! Like bunnies, teddies, hats, different kind of bling and alot alot alotttttt....

And the variety of brush styles!

I like the dashed one! But I seriously suck at writing using my finger. The lines always turns out so jagged, :( Gotta get a stylus pen soon!

So now you see what I mean when I say this apps is awesome? It's like having a Purikura machine in my phone with just a few touches away. And there isn't time limit, I could take all day to decorate it! But bad thing is that, their decorations don't look as bling as the machines la. And they don't have chio chio flower brushes and it's hard to scale it because our fingers are so thick, *fuuuuuu*. But it shouldn't be a problem if there's a stylus pen, hehe.

A few of what I've done with this app!

The hilarious looking ones.... Even I can't stop laughing every time I look at it. Lol.

Swear most of my friends can't stop laughing at that "zhuxiaomei" one. Even boyfriend was laughing non-stop thru text when I sent it to him.

And some decent looking ones!

Not to forget the Steven Lim meme that I made out of boredom.... Can't help it because this pose is so much like him, hahahaha!

Oh yah! Did I forget to mention you can DIY with a blank canvas too? There's this option at the start whereas you chose whether you want to take a photo, work on a photo, or work on a plain canvas! It's at the bottom right corner!

Alright guys, now go download "Line Camera" and have fun transforming your friends into something else..... Hehehehehe! Shall end the post with a proper looking face!................ Maybe not :P

Before and After.

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