Dinner at AKB48 Cafe

by - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some of you might have heard! I chopped my fringe! And im preparing for a major hair abuse in two weeks time. So im kinda like spamming tons of treatment cream and leave on conditioner on my head to prevent it from looking fried after all those bleaching.

I woke up really early today for my appointment with Ivan at Far East. It's been years since I last woke up this early. I better get used to it soon or else im gonna die once school reopens, T~T

And so I headed out and have a hair makeover, hehehe. Didn't plan to cut my fringe until Le girlfriend came and psycho me into it. She came over to look for me later in the afternoon. So ya, I'm back to bangs.....side bangs. And I had my flyaway hairs rid of! Mad happy please. It's like the root of all my hair trouble and now it's all gone, yaaahahaha

I swear Ivan was damn patient. Actually most hair dresser have this patience level that I'm super impressed of. I can't even sit still for an hour yet they have the patience to wait for those treatment cream and stuff to be done while checking how's the hair once in a while. They don't even have television there la! How do you guys do it?! But anyway, Gq called me up halfway thru the treatment. Inviting both me and Zy to AKB Cafe for dinner cause he has this 1 for 1 coupon thingy. So it's like 2 for the price of 1!!

So we headed over to SCAPE to meet up with him. Saw a lot of good old friends around Orchard today, hahaha.

Ordered 2 Katsu Don and 2 Omu Curry Rice!

And we drank a lot of water. The waitress can't stop coming over to our table to refill, hahaha!

After AKB, we went to walk around Somerset! Gq left shortly after because he can't stand shopping with girls at H&M, : x And surprisingly, me and Zy saw Aaron at H&M! So we crapped around for a bit until he went off to work, and we went back home.

Meeting up with them again tomorrow for movies. Gonna watch Dintao! My god, can't wait! Hehehe.

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