Good Old Days.

by - Friday, May 25, 2012

It suddenly struck my mind that us, the 90s kids are really fortunate. We lived through the millennium and watched how the world changes. From crayons to iPads, Nokias to iPhone.

This was my very first phone! xD

I still remember the times when bubble tea were secured to dolls and shake until its really bubbly. Filled with sweet and chewy colorful sago and not black and hard to digest pearls. And it was like a seasonal thing because you can only get them at "pasar malam"(night bazaar)! And Pasar Malam is only available once every few months!!

But right now, pasar malam seems to be there all the time. And the food at pasar malam have gone from a few cents to a few dollar. Bubble tea is gone...

Uncle Ringo carnival is nowhere to be seen..

Everything's replaced by iPhone casing stores. And pasar malam isn't as popular anymore.

And the 80s ~ 95 kids would remember, food in our school canteen never exceeds a dollar! With an allowance of $2.00, we could have our breakfast and lunch in school! Noodles at only $0.50 per bowl, drinks at only $0.20. But as time passes, it seems like the prices grow with us as well. Food at a scary price of $1.20 and drinks at $0.80.

And the toys we play are all replaced by gadgets like PSP, iPhones, iPads. Nobody would ever think of letting their kids play with what we had played before! Even crayons have digitalized into drawing tablets! How many of us still have the chance to play these?

And spending a few cents at the "Mama shop" to get a couple of these after running around the neighborhood for block catching!

Also, our playgrounds?

It was like going to the beach! We could play with sand and there's swings!

Not to forget the TV shows we used to watch. We had 'Channel 12' before it was turned into 'Kids Central' and then to the current 'Okto'! I remember waking up early every Saturday and Sunday to watch Pokemon/Digimon.

And there wasn't anything like Ben10 or Fantastic4! Because we had....

And we had huge ass monitors,

That uses.....


Everything is so different now. You can hardly find any sand playgrounds around anymore, and "block catching" is no longer the stuff kids these days play. Most parents wouldn't even allow their kid to run around the neighborhood bare-footed! We don't even share food or interact with our neighbors much anymore.

What's worse? Our all-time favorite fast food restaurant is practically extinct in Singapore....

With their signature waffles......

Honestly, how many of the teenagers/kids these days actually know all these? If only Jurong Entertainment Center hadn't been teared down to become the current JCube. Perhaps, just perhaps, we might still have a chance to reminisce all these childhood.

Sigh, talk about growing up.....

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