by - Thursday, May 17, 2012

I was pop with a very interesting question when I went for my LASALLE interview the today!

Honestly, I really have no clue as of what to answer at that point of time. But thank goodness I was the last in the group to answer this question. There are tons of ways people de-stress, but of all possible answers available in the world, I actually answered.....

"I'll sit down and start talking to myself and try resolve the stuff I'm stressing about."

Wait......Talk to....myself?

Right after I finish my sentence, I felt like I just shot me in the head. Who the hell actually talks to themselves to de-stress?! How is talking to myself even de-stressing?! I really hope time could rewind and maybe I could come up with a better answer than something like, "Talking to myself.....".

Anyway, the rest of the interviewees' answers are pretty much in common(Not like I'm really special... Ahh, you'll know what I mean..).

"I listen to music when I feel stress."
"I'll take my camera and go out for a stroll while listening to music."
"I'll listen to music or talk to my sis."
"Listening to songs or draw random stuff."
"Call up my friend to chat, if they're not free, I'll just play some music."

In conclusion? Music seems to be the key to de-stressing! So I guess the interviewers must had find me a freak for answering something as emo as "Talk to myself." Sigh, why did that even come out of my mouth... -_____-...

BUT! Good news is that, I got through the interview!! (Hehehehehe!)

Yep, I'll be starting my new sem at LASALLE this coming August! Im super eggcited but at the same time feeling damn sian about school. I'll have to travel all the way to Bugis everyday and I'm no longer having student fare, *cries* But that's okay, at least I'm in my dream course! Hehe.

The boyfriend would be booking out tomorrow! Bought a surprise for him @ Bugis just now, hehe. Hope he likes it! Alrighty, I'll blog again soonish.

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