Photoshoot @ Studiospace!

by - Monday, April 16, 2012

Hellooooooo yo!

So I ended up sleeping for like only 3 hours before getting a morning call from the girlfriend to wake up cause I was running late.

Wanted to cancel the shoot so that I could sleep in, but I'm so glad I didnt because the shoot was so fun!

And I'm so happy I got a chance to dress up like that! It was real tiring holding those Japanese katana and having that thick of a make up on, but i swear it was totally worth me waking up early for! But one bad news, I'm having a outbreak now because I had the make-up on for too long, sigh.. I hope the pimples go off soon, :(

Some pictures from the shoot!

The sinister look:

Spring look:

With the babe!

I totally love the sinister look. Because of the red eyes and the eye make up! And not to forget those lovely Yukata. They looked mad adorable can! But we needed a lot of safety pins to secure it lah, €_€"

Am on my bed chatting on the phone with boyfriend while waiting for my brain to get tired so that I can sleep. Just finished editing a couple of photos! Gonna post them up on Facebook tomorrow when I wake up, hehe.

Alright! Bye for now!

Szia sztok!

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