Busy April.

by - Thursday, April 19, 2012

Haven't been blogging much because I wasn't feeling very well. I had been sleeping for almost 14 hours every day and waking up at only 5PM for Br-unch-ner(Breakfast, lunch, dinner.).

Finally went over to JCube yesterday to meet up with Mom(Vonn) for her birthday celebration. A pity most of the shops ain't open yet.. and The Rink was closed. So I didn't get to watch people skate, or get to skate, :(

So we just hung around and had light dinner at Watami's. Their Chicken Katsu is awesome! And Cream Scallop something something.... Because my phone was dying so I didn't take any pictures, T~~T But they taste heavenly! Maybe cause I was reeeeeeeeally hungry, hahaha! I think I'mma head there for my birthday celebration, hehe.

Oh! I also collected my photoshoot photo's from my photographers yesterday. Damn, why am I so gorgeous!? Hahahhaha jkjk, 'was just saying. But I really have to thanks my photographers. If it wasn't for their awesome skills, the photos wouldn't turn out that pretty too right? Hehehe. I think I'll upload some photos once my personal lappie is done fixing. Can't really edit photos now and I'm usually blogging through my phone.....

Google Chrome had crashed on me 3 times now(As I'm typing....)....... Don't know what exactly is wrong. Gotta really reformat this laptop soonish.

Alright, I better end here for today before it crashes on me for the 4th time, ugh.

Toodles people!

Saw this goddamn hugeeeeeeeeee dining table-sized pizza from Dominos. Drooling like one glutton nao..... 8D -

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