by - Saturday, April 14, 2012

Greetings!..... With mad tasty and adorable-looking mini cupcakes. These are the other dozen that I bought yesterday, hehe.

I kind of slept in today and woke up at only 3PM.... That's the usual timing I wake up everyday actually.....*confess* Then it struck my mind that I still have tons of stuffs missing for tomorrow's shoot. So I jumped off the bed started preparing to head out to bugis.

I was missing 2 pairs of getta(Shoes people wear with Kimono/Yukata. Is that how they spell it?), quite a number of hair pins and safety pins, and some random accessories. But my brain wasn't quite functioning today, and the getta cost about $69.90 cheapest, so I didn't manage to get anything for tomorrow. And thus, I'm pretty much screwed up for tomorrow's shoot. Sigh....

And it's almost 3AM now, I have to wake up at 6AM. But I'm still here trying to get rid of the pimples that are dying to explode out of my skin and saving those frizzy grass-like hair of mine. Ughhhh.

I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Not really in the mood for photoshoot anymore, 囧 -

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