House of Mini.

by - Thursday, April 12, 2012

The adult side of me never fails to get hidden away every time I see adorable looking things and food. Especially food!

Just recently, I discovered this bakery called "House of Mini" at CCK, LOT 1. I swear it's too cute to resist. They have cupcakes as tiny as a 50cents coin! Bought a box of 6 mini donuts the other day, and it tasted so awesome I immediately knew I should get back there to buy some cupcakes.

So I bought a dozen of mini-cupcakes just now!

Icing look a bit "squashed" cause it melted and the bus was too shaky! :( Still tastes nice okay!

Half of them going to the boyfriend's, hehe.

It's so tiny that you can finish it in one bite! And 6 is definitely not enough. I'm gonna get the normal sized cupcake the next time I go there, x)

I woke up really, really early today to meet up with the babes. And now, I'm feeling so drained that I'm too lazy to move. Blogging through my iPhone and taking a snooze every now and then while waiting for the boyfriend to get here.

It's gonna be a busy busy week. I can only have some decent rest from next week on, ahh - Super deprived of sleep these days. 囧!

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