Happy Easter!

by - Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorry for the late wishes! Had been really busy these days. Preparing for photoshoot, arranging meet-ups to collect the stuffs for the shoot this Saturday, filming covers, hanging out with bf and etc. Everything's crashing together this week, and I have so little time! What's worse, lack of rest is making my skin condition very bad, sigh.

Am vexing over some unconfirmed meet-ups now. I hate how some people like to take years to confirm a meet-up with you, and then squeeze things in at the very last minute. Why am I always the one trying to accommodate to everyone's time, 囧 It makes me feel so lifeless. Like as if I'm 24/7 free to meet up with anybody at any time.

Anyway, remember I had a shoot with Esther last week? These were the heels I wore!

Am not really a heels person because I have an injured ankle and I can't wear heels. It'll hurt a lot if I wear them often. :(

Also, the Mercury Jelly Case I ordered had finally reached after 3 weeks! Its totally worth the wait. Quality is awesome and it looks really good!!

It actually blings! And I thought it was jet black when I ordered, x'D Now i can't wait to smack some design onto the plain black casing because it's so pretty as a background, hahaha!

Still waiting for replies. I'm actually getting really pissed now because everyone isn't replying me to confirm the time for tomorrow. And it's already 11:20PM, sigh. I think I'll get even more pissed if one of them decided to tell me to meet them up at 12Noon at somewhere that takes me an hour to reach. Ugh.

Alright, I shall be nice for tomorrow. Just tomorrow. Not gonna do any last minute meet-ups anymore....and I ain't even running a blog shop! I'm just a shopper, why am I the one giving in! Hmph. :(

Ps ; Argued with bf because time's too packed for tomorrow and we've so many things to do, sigh. Oettokgajho?

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