Good Friday

by - Friday, April 06, 2012

Baby's out of town again. And it's a home alone Friday for me cause mommy didn't allow me to tag along with Clint to Malaysia. :(

Just a while ago, I was trying to set up the site that me and my cousin created a few days ago. And I got so pissed because Blogger's interface changed so much and I have totally no clue on how to go about it. Guess I'll needa spend some time trying to figure it out uh.

So I ended up looking around Facebook to pass time and finally realize how much I dislike the new Facebook interface. At first I was just turned off, and now that they've switched mine over to 'Timeline', I'm more than just pissed with it. I totally detest it. I hate how "big" the photos look on the 'Timeline' and I hate the left-right-left kind of layout for the posts. I still prefer the previous interface where there's this tiny little column below your profile picture for you to add in some "Welcome" text kind of stuff!

And then I went over to Twitter. Hoping to see some funny Yousiao tweets or any interesting FunFacts...but I ended up reading a whole wall of text about the recent blogosphere's major humor. In case nobody's updated about what happened...


I don't wish to publicize him any further, so I'm not gonna hyperlink him up. Honestly, don't waste time reading his blog posts unless you are really bored and need some entertainment or you're really curious on what kind of joke did he make out of himself.

Everywhere's chaotic. And I'm lazy to read short 9GAG comics strips. Last resort? Sleep. It's a Good Friday afternoon after all! You might ask, why am I not heading out? Well, Clintie's out of town. But I guess he'll be back soon, it's almost 10PM already! Mom and Dad went out without me, and it's so warm out there that it makes me really really lazy to head out.

Okay, I'm gonna go whip up some dinner and then head back to snooze again, hehehe. Gonna be a pig today, x)

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