The Fashion Ganza!

by - Friday, April 06, 2012

Woke up at 7AM this morning and rushed over to CCK for a photoshoot session with The Fashion Ganza's Esther! She's just so happen to be my primary school mate too! Hehehe.

I swear she's really patient. We were rushing for time because she has to rush to work and we have a lot of clothes to shoot, but she still did a wonderful job with the make ups and shooting and not rush through everything half heartedly!

Her collection will be released this coming Sunday! The clothes are really cute and affordable!

She has 2 types of collection this time! The sweet look and the edgy look. I'm wearing the edgy look in the photo! Swear I'm totally in love with the top. It look so nice!

I didnt take much photos there, cause we were rushing for time. But the shoot was still fun because we played around a lot! Hehe.

Do visit her blog shop @ The Fashion Ganza, okay! :>

Camwhore a lil while waiting for the set-up.

Front cameo quality suck, :( But it's okay because I love the outfit, hehe.

Oh, and weather these days is really bad. Seems like its a every time of the year thing. Whenever it's Vesak Day, the air will be so polluted that it chokes to head out. And every one is falling sick.. Even my sinus is acting up, ugh.

I hope I don't fall sick now. I have a photoshoot coming up next Saturday with Phoa and the girlfriend. Oh, oh! Make-up Artiste would be Esther! Can't wait to see the babes. It's gonna be damnnn fun, hehehe!

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