I'm trying

by - Saturday, July 03, 2021

I realized I haven't update in a really long time. Haven't been feeling that well for the last few months, especially with all the spontaneous hives outbreak making me very lethargic everyday.

I hate that I'm sick too. I hate that people don't see my attempts to get better. I hate that everyone thinks I'm bullshitting. I hate that nobody understands the struggles I go through everyday, and the fear I have to deal with every time I wake up. I, too, want to get better. I wanna clear all of my assignment debts. I want to look pretty and do product reviews again... but it's so hard. The hives leave scars. They leave patches of rough and dry redness on my skin after every outbreak making it really hard to put on makeup or look fresh for product reviews and photos. I feel so bad not being able to get everything up on time, but there really isn't anything I can do.

Here's a few shots from that one day I felt better.

Will I ever get better?

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